The Ultimate Cruises for Foodies

Written by: on June 24, 2016


Endless buffets and 24/7 dining has always been a draw for cruisers. But the rise and demand from foodies has inspired new dining programs, culinary-inspired itineraries and gourmet experiences on almost every commercial cruise line. These ships and sailings offer even the most discerning food and drink fanatics something to relish, on board and off…. Read the full article…

KHM Travel Group RDC Spotlight: Heather Allison, West Region

Written by: on June 21, 2016


One of the most valuable resources our independent travel agents have are our Regional Development Coordinators. Not only are they experienced, successful travel agents themselves, but they help KHM Travel Agents out on a daily basis. Some of you have already met your region’s RDC, but we thought it’d be beneficial to introduce them to… Read the full article…

International Travel Tips to Keep Your Clients Safe Abroad

Written by: on June 20, 2016


International travel can be memorable and rewarding, but safety should also be at the forefront of travel agents’ minds when their clients are traveling abroad. Give them peace of mind and help them stay safe while traveling internationally with these tips. 1. Offer Appropriate Travel Insurance Regular health insurance, and even some travel insurance options… Read the full article…

How to Translate Your Travel Experiences into Engaging Content

Written by: on June 15, 2016


One of our favorite sayings is “Traveling — It leaves you speechless. Then it turns you into a storyteller.” Some of us have a natural knack for storytelling, whether that be verbally, visually or in writing. However, even expert storytellers can be rendered speechless by a stunning mountain view, or a once-in-a-lifetime meal, or the… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Nora Berna of Classic Vacations

Written by: on June 09, 2016


Many of our travel agents might not have worked with Classic Vacations, but they’ve been dedicated to helping travel professionals create exceptional vacation experiences for more than 30 years. Our Business Development Manager, Nora Berna, has been a part of the Classic Vacations team for 21 years. However, she got her start on the retail… Read the full article…

8 Unique Destinations for the Ultimate Island Getaway

Written by: on June 07, 2016


An island getaway is perfect for those looking for seclusion, sprawling beaches and the relaxing rhythm of crashing waves. Hundreds of thousands of islands occupy the world’s lakes and oceans, each one offering travelers something unique. Discover which of these island destinations suites your travel style, and ask your travel agent about planning your trip to… Read the full article…

5 Ways to Take Your Travel Photos to the Next Level

Written by: on June 02, 2016


Travel agents have so many opportunities to capture breathtaking scenes, but not everyone is a professional photographer. The truth is, you can take stellar photos even if you don’t have a fancy, top-of-the-line camera or professional editing software. Today it’s completely possible to take high-quality photos with your phone, especially with the continued enhancements to… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Agents Experience the Awe-Inclusive on Palace Resorts FAM

Written by: on June 01, 2016


The word “Palace” evokes images of luxury and grandeur. It is a place that has everything, except the ordinary. That’s what The Palace Life is all about! Twelve of KHM Travel Group’s agents got to experience it first-hand on our Palace FAM trip to Mexico, May 20th-24th. Tara Duncan, our Business Development Manager from Palace… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Sandy Stemen of Globus

Written by: on May 25, 2016


When we talk about the KHM Travel Family, we aren’t just referring to our agents and staff. Our suppliers are just as vital to our host agency, and in some cases, our team has had the pleasure of working with supplier representatives for as long as we’ve been a company! Sandy Stemen, the Globus Family… Read the full article…

10 Key Twitter Tips for Travel Agents

Written by: on May 24, 2016


Twitter’s lightning-fast pace and 140-character limit make it among the trickier social media platforms to master. Keeping up with the constant flux of trending topics and hashtags can seem like a full-time job, and it takes some time to learn the language of the Twitterverse. However, if your audience is on Twitter, then it’s a… Read the full article…