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Royal Caribbean Announces New Mega-Ship to Debut in 2016

Written by: on February 28, 2015

Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean announced that the Harmony of the Seas, the third in the Oasis-class line, will be the world’s largest cruise ship. Due to launch in April 2016, the ship will measure 227,000 tons and carry 5,479 passengers, both records for the industry. The 16-deck ship will hold 100 more passengers than the Oasis and… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Gives Back to Tiny Hope Children’s Home

Written by: on February 27, 2015

Tiny Hope

One of the advantages of being a travel agent is having the opportunity to form connections with people in places all over the world. During last week’s FAM trip to Jamaica, a group of 45 KHM Travel Agents and staff visited Tiny Hope Children’s Home, a haven for local children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The agents… Read the full article…

Recapping an Unforgettable FAM Trip in Jamaica

Written by: on February 26, 2015


Last week, a group of 196 KHM Travel Group Agents and staff traveled to Jamaica for our largest-ever FAM trip. While FAM (familiarization) trips are a great escape from the routine of a home-based travel agent, they are also packed with site inspections, training sessions and other opportunities for our agents to learn more about… Read the full article…

5 Ways to Increase Your Income as a Travel Agent

Written by: on February 25, 2015

Increase Your Income as a Travel Agent

Your career as a travel agent provides fun, excitement, and opportunities for personal travel. But don’t lose sight of that fact that you are running a business, and becoming a successful entrepreneur means you’ll need to keep an eye on your bottom line. Successful agents can increase their income as a travel agent by focusing… Read the full article…

The 5 Elements of Effective Logos

Written by: on February 24, 2015


Your logo is a crucial part of your travel agency’s image. While your logo doesn’t necessarily need to describe what your business does, it should reflect your business’s philosophy. Apple’s logo, for instance, embodies the sleek, simple and user-friendly traits of their products. If your logo is overly complicated, or not distinct enough, you risk… Read the full article…

6 Signs You Should Become a Travel Agent

Written by: on February 23, 2015

Become a Travel Agent

Have you ever considered starting your own travel agency — but you weren’t sure if it was right for you? If some or all of these six traits describe you, then chances are, you will be a successful travel agent! 1. You Love to Travel This one is simple. Are you a frequent flyer? Do… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Sarah Moretz

Written by: on February 20, 2015

KHM Pinnacle Agent Spotlight

Sarah Moretz, this month’s featured travel agent in our Pinnacle Agent Spotlight, has built her career by following her passions. In 2007, she got married and moved away from a job she loved. She was unsure about her next step, but she had always been an avid traveler. Her family and friends often sought her… Read the full article…

Your Guide to this Year’s Oscar Nominees for Best Picture

Written by: on February 19, 2015


If you follow Oscar buzz religiously, then chances are you have seen some or all of this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Picture. Movies often provide us with inspiring ideas on where to travel, and this year’s nominees are no exception. From an Art Nouveau department store in Germany to a historic small town in… Read the full article…

Not in New Orleans? Celebrate Mardi Gras in These Cities Across the U.S.

Written by: on February 17, 2015


Even if you can’t make it to the Big Easy, plenty of cities around the country celebrate Fat Tuesday. They may not be as raucous or hedonistic as the festivities found on Bourbon Street, but they do all embrace the indulgent spirit of Mardi Gras. Mobile, Alabama: This southern town is thought to have hosted… Read the full article…

The World’s Most Unusual Places to Stay

Written by: on February 16, 2015


These hotels and guesthouses may not offer all the luxuries of a five-star hotel, but they do offer an experience unlike any other. Want to unwind at the bottom of a lagoon, or with a clear view of the Northern Lights? These nine weird, wild and wondrous places to stay are anything but ordinary. Sala… Read the full article…