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4 Reasons to Start a Home-based Travel Agency Business

Written by: on December 16, 2008

Many small business owners feel trapped in their business. They discover that owning and running a business is not easy or glamorous. This could be the reason that many fail within the first three years. There is one type of small business though where the opposite is experienced. What is it? A home-based travel agency…. Read the full article…

Want to Operate a Successful Home Based Travel Agency?

Written by: on December 09, 2008

If you want to operate a successful home based travel agency, there are some areas that you need to pay particular attention to. For example, being organized and staying focused.  Following are three specific areas to keep in mind – and why they’re important to your travel agency business success. 3 Keys to Operating a… Read the full article…

Become a Travel Agent and Work from Home

Written by: on December 09, 2008

The days of working for one company for 25-30 years, collecting a pension, and retiring in comfort are gone. That’s the new reality of a new economy. This leaves many shunning the traditional workforce and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. One of the most popular choices is to become a travel agent. Become a Travel Agent:… Read the full article…