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Become a Travel Agent – Work with Royal Caribbean’s Partner of the Year

Written by: on March 10, 2010

Below Is a Video That Is Normally Offered Exclusively to KHM Travel Group Agents: In this short video, our agency director, Burt Kramer announces Partner of the Year with Royal Caribbean, giving credit to KHM Travel Group’s excellent agents. Other announcements made in this video are examples of weekly updates the staff put together to keep KHM… Read the full article…

Become An Online Travel Agent- Working from Home as a Professional Agent

Written by: on March 01, 2010

If you choose to become an online travel agent, you will find many great careers that will allow you to work from home. Everyone has different needs and ideas when it comes to becoming a travel agent or choosing to work within the travel industry. By taking the time to check out all of the… Read the full article…