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How To Create Your Home Office

Written by: on September 23, 2013

How To Create Your Home Office As an independent KHM Travel Agent, you will enjoy the many benefits of working from home.  You are able to set your own hours, with no rigid schedule to keep or time clock to punch.  Your commute time may only be as long as it takes you to walk… Read the full article…

How To Handle Competition

Written by: on September 16, 2013

How To Handle Competition Competition – a dreaded word in any business. Most people don’t like to deal with “competition” as it means there may be someone out there that could sell the product or perform the function better. Competition in any form can be healthy. It keeps you sharp, on your toes, ensures you… Read the full article…

How to Stay Organized for Tax Season

Written by: on August 22, 2013

How to Stay Organized for Tax Season Operating your own home-based business at a KHM Travel Agent provides a wide range of benefits: Flexibility, independence, unlimited income potential … and even some potential tax advantages. But don’t wait until income tax season to start thinking about your taxes! The key to maximizing your tax benefits… Read the full article…

How to Sell Value Over Price

Written by: on July 26, 2013

How to Sell Value Over Price As a new travel agent, it is perceived that selling travel seems to be all about the “price.” Some new agents will scour the Internet and travel supplier sites to look for the cheapest prices, least-expensive excursions, lowest category cruise cabins, and off-the beaten path resorts, just so they… Read the full article…

Host Travel Agency – Steps on How To Choose The Right Host Travel Agency?

Written by: on September 01, 2010

There are a number of benefits to working with a host travel agency, if you are interested in moving forward quickly with your career path as an individual travel consultant. However, there can be a wide range of different agencies out there, and a few qualities to look for when you are narrowing these agencies… Read the full article…