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6 Reasons Why Owning a Home-Based Travel Agency Rocks

Written by: on July 22, 2015


Prior to the emergence of the Internet, opportunities to work from home — and actually earn a decent income — were scarce. Now, more than three million Americans list their home as their primary place of work. This includes KHM Travel Group’s 3,500+ independent travel agents around the U.S. While some travel agencies continue to… Read the full article…

Training & Fun Go Hand-in-Hand at OSSN Travel Agent Forum

Written by: on July 07, 2015


Las Vegas has a reputation for being America’s “Sin City,” but it’s also one of the most popular destinations for networking and professional conferences. And in the travel industry, business and fun go hand-in-hand! KHM Travel Group got a taste of both at the OSSN Home Based Travel Agent Forum, held June 21-24 at The Venetian… Read the full article…

4 Travel Agent Perks That Can Lead to a Happier Life

Written by: on April 01, 2015

happy woman

Being a travel agent may not be for everyone. However, for people who want to run their own business and love travel, it can be a truly fulfilling career. These are just a few of the ways that the rewards of being a travel professional can lead to a happier life overall. 1. Making New… Read the full article…

3 Reasons More People Are Booking Cruises with Travel Agents

Written by: on March 16, 2015

Reasons to Book Cruises with a travel agent

According to, more than 85% of all cruises are booked by travel agents. Many former advocates of self-booking websites are even turning to the pros. Why? These are just a few of the reasons why more cruisers are relying on cruise specialists to plan their perfect vacation at sea. 1. They Know the Cruise… Read the full article…

6 Signs You Should Become a Travel Agent

Written by: on February 23, 2015

Become a Travel Agent

Have you ever considered starting your own travel agency — but you weren’t sure if it was right for you? If some or all of these six traits describe you, then chances are, you will be a successful independent travel agent! 1. You Love to Travel This one is simple. Are you a frequent flyer? Do… Read the full article…

Vacationers are Tired of Do-It-Yourself Booking Websites

Written by: on January 21, 2015

diy booking frustration

Gail Rosenblum, a writer for Minneapolis’s Star Tribune recently gushed about a trip she took to Costa Rica last summer with her family. As a “self-professed travel snob,” she had long been a believer in DIY bookings. With the happiness of four teenagers on the line, she took a friend’s advice and contacted a travel… Read the full article…

Recent Study Shows U.S. Travel Industry on the Climb

Written by: on February 13, 2014

Travel Pulse Graphic

The U.S. Department of Labor just released the latest numbers, revealing that the U.S. travel industry is on the rise. According to the figures, the travel industry has shown faster growth than the rest of the economy’s job sectors and is now back to pre-recession levels. Read more at TravelPulse – U.S. Travel Industry Tops… Read the full article…

How To Use Travel Incentives as a Niche

Written by: on November 15, 2013

How To Use Travel Incentives as a Niche As a travel professional, you need to look at all the opportunities that are out there to promote your agency. When settling on your area of specialty, have you considered travel incentive programs? If not, you might want to carefully consider if this highly profitable specialty could… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Agent Career Benefit: Money Matters

Written by: on November 01, 2013

KHM Travel Agent Career Benefit: Money Matters There are many advantages to beginning a travel agent career with KHM Travel. As much fun and enjoyment as a travel agent career may provide, the bottom line for any business venture should be, well, the bottom line! Working as a home-based travel agent with KHM Travel Group… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Agent Career Benefit: Flexibility

Written by: on September 30, 2013

KHM Travel Agent Career Benefit: Flexibility One of the ultimate benefits of beginning your adventure with KHM Travel Group is the amount of flexibility that your travel agent career provides.  Forget the feeling of being chained to a desk or a slave to the time clock!  As a home-based travel agent, you have the ultimate… Read the full article…