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KHM Travel Welcomes Agents to Last Boot Camp of 2016

Written by: on November 10, 2016


  KHM Travel Group wrapped up its 2016 live event program with last week’s New Travel Agent Boot Camp session, held November 3-5. Our staff hosted 32 home-based travel agents from around the country for three days of education, discussion and workshops. Knowing your Preferred Suppliers and which suppliers to use is one of the… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Agents Elevate their Businesses at Destination Success

Written by: on October 27, 2016


Destination Success, KHM Travel Group’s live education and networking event, brought more than 60 agents to our office for four days of learning, networking and trade shows October 18-21. Plus, the anticipation built throughout the week because on Friday, we gave away a spot on the 2017 Crystal Conference and Awards cruise! Agents arrived on… Read the full article…

4 of the Top Places to Travel for Scuba Divers

Written by: on October 18, 2016


Some travelers aren’t satisfied with just an ocean view. They want to explore coral reefs, shipwrecks and the vibrant, diverse ecosystems that inhabit our oceans. Today, scuba diving is a multi-billion dollar industry, and one of the world’s fastest-growing recreational sports. For a travel agent, divers represent a huge opportunity because they are motivated to… Read the full article…

The Ultimate All-Inclusive Resort Style Guide

Written by: on October 11, 2016


Our Ultimate All-Inclusive Style Guide makes packing a breeze! Not only does it help travelers decipher resort dress codes, it’s the perfect tool for travel agents to share with their clients to help them pack for their big getaway. KHM Travel Group agents can download a copy of our Resort Style Guide and packing list… Read the full article…

Should You Attend KHM Travel Group’s Crystal Conference & Awards?

Written by: on September 29, 2016


Travel agents have endless educational and networking opportunities available to them through their host agencies, through travel suppliers, through industry advocates like ASTA and even through tourism boards. It’s tough to juggle the time you want to spend learning and networking with the time you need to spend running your business and working with clients…. Read the full article…

KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Nicole Dobrich

Written by: on September 01, 2016


A love of travel is key for independent travel agents, but it’s just one of many ingredients needed to be successful. A passion for learning new things, and for going above and beyond for clients, are also essential characteristics of top-producing travel agents. Nicole Dobrich launched her travel agency with KHM Travel Group in February… Read the full article…

6 Valuable Sources of Creative Inspiration for Travel Agents

Written by: on July 08, 2016


Some days, the creative juices just flow. Other days, it can seem impossible to think of a single thing to post on Facebook. Where can travel agents turn when they need a creative pick-me-up? These sources will help fuel travel agents’ creativity, so they can amp up their marketing efforts and keep their social media… Read the full article…

The Ultimate Cruises for Foodies

Written by: on June 24, 2016


Endless buffets and 24/7 dining has always been a draw for cruisers. But the rise and demand from foodies has inspired new dining programs, culinary-inspired itineraries and gourmet experiences on almost every commercial cruise line. These ships and sailings offer even the most discerning food and drink fanatics something to relish, on board and off…. Read the full article…

How to Translate Your Travel Experiences into Engaging Content

Written by: on June 15, 2016


One of our favorite sayings is “Traveling — It leaves you speechless. Then it turns you into a storyteller.” Some of us have a natural knack for storytelling, whether that be verbally, visually or in writing. However, even expert storytellers can be rendered speechless by a stunning mountain view, or a once-in-a-lifetime meal, or the… Read the full article…

5 Ways to Take Your Travel Photos to the Next Level

Written by: on June 02, 2016


Travel agents have so many opportunities to capture breathtaking scenes, but not everyone is a professional photographer. The truth is, you can take stellar photos even if you don’t have a fancy, top-of-the-line camera or professional editing software. Today it’s completely possible to take high-quality photos with your phone, especially with the continued enhancements to… Read the full article…