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What Works on Facebook for Travel Agents

Written by: on February 08, 2016


According to Passport Online, a provider of social media solutions and content, there are prime times for travel agents to post content on Facebook. These five times got the highest engagement scores, which were determined based on Likes, Comments and : Monday at 4 p.m. Friday at 8 a.m. Saturday at 6 p.m. Monday at… Read the full article…

KHM Travel’s Pinnacle Elite Program Recognizes Top-Producing Travel Agents

Written by: on February 05, 2016


The Pinnacle Elite Agent Program was created to not only recognize KHM Travel Group’s top agents, but to offer them additional tools they can use to help them continue to grow. Some of these tools include extra co-op, incentives, promotions, FAMs, and more. We also offer travel agent training opportunities just for Pinnacle agents. The Pinnacle… Read the full article…

6 Key Questions to Ask When Starting a Travel Agency from Home

Written by: on January 25, 2016


Let’s face it: There is a lot of information online about becoming a travel agent at home. In fact, a Google search for “become a travel agent from home” turns up more than 64 million results. It’s easy to get inundated sifting through the heaps of commentary and advice, especially if you have absolutely no… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Launches Redesigned TravSearch Booking Sites

Written by: on January 20, 2016


One of the most valuable tools KHM Travel provides to our agents is the TravSearch booking website. It saves our agents time and money when establishing their business’s presence online. But we knew that TravSearch could do more for our agents, which is why we’ve spent the past few months completely overhauling its design and… Read the full article…

6 Reasons to Visit Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Written by: on January 12, 2016


This 200-mile span of Mexico’s Pacific coastline was listed among our top spots to visit in 2016. It’s less developed than Cancun or its neighbor to the south, Puerto Vallarta, but the tourism industry is growing. Get to Riviera Nayarit before the throngs of tourists do, and discover its laid-back vibes and diverse natural beauty…. Read the full article…

KHM Travel How-To Video Series: How to Find Networking Groups

Written by: on January 11, 2016


Networking is key to promoting your travel agency in your community, but it can be difficult to know where to start. In this three minute How-To Video, we reveal how home-based travel agents can find networking groups in their communities, and suggest several popular networking groups for travel agents. Finding the right networking groups for… Read the full article…

KHM Travel How-To Video Series: How to Change Common Perceptions of Travel Agents

Written by: on January 04, 2016


In this How-To video, we tackle some of the most popular misconceptions about travel agents. What does it actually mean to be a travel professional, and why should people consult an agent, rather than book travel online? Watch this short video to see how travel professionals can answer these questions, and help their clients understand… Read the full article…

KHM Travel How-To Video Series: What is a FAM?

Written by: on December 30, 2015


KHM Travel’s How-To videos series was created to answer some of the most common questions we’re asked by prospective and new travel agents. This short video explains what FAM (familiarization) trips and seminars at sea are, what is typically included in FAM trips, and how these trips help travel professionals increase their sales. Plus, you’ll… Read the full article…

7 Surprising Benefits of Being a Home-Based Travel Agent

Written by: on December 29, 2015


Obviously, working from home saves independent travel agents time and money. Not having to invest in an office space is a huge perk, and not having to commute to work eliminates a lot of stress, especially if it saves them a drive through rush-hour traffic. But there are a few lesser-known benefits you’ll get as… Read the full article…

The Hassle-Free Way to Pack Gifts for Holiday Flights

Written by: on December 22, 2015


This is one of the busiest weeks of the year for air travel, and chances are, many people will be traveling with gifts. It can be a struggle to pack presents in a way that ensures they make it to the destination in one piece, and also don’t cause any security slowdowns. These tricks will… Read the full article…