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How to Sell Value Over Price

Written by: on July 26, 2013

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How to Sell Value Over Price As a new travel agent, it is perceived that selling travel seems to be all about the “price.” Some new agents will scour the Internet and travel supplier sites to look for the cheapest prices, least-expensive excursions, lowest category cruise cabins, and off-the beaten path resorts, just so they… Read the full article…

Is a Travel Agent Career Right for YOU?

Written by: on March 13, 2013

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Is a Travel Agent Career Right for YOU? How you would describe your dream job? Would you enjoy the flexibility to work from home? Set your own hours? Sell a product that customers actually LIKE to buy? Have the opportunity to travel to new places, often at a discount? Then a work from home travel… Read the full article…

Begin An At Home Based Travel Business Now

Written by: on January 04, 2011

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Many entrepreneurs can sometimes feel overwhelmed in their business when they discover that owning and managing a company is not very easy or glamorous. This should be the fact that many fail in the first 3 years. There’s one kind of small enterprise though where the opposite is experienced. What is it? A home based… Read the full article…

Start A Home Based Travel Agency

Written by: on December 01, 2010

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Although owning and operating your own business has its rewards, it is often easier and more profitable to start a home business travel agency instead. Usually, most small businesses fail within the first three years, but these statistics do not apply if you decide to become a travel agent. There are three main reasons why… Read the full article…

Travel Agent Career – Travel Agent Career Options

Written by: on October 01, 2010

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Becoming a travel agent is a career that suits anyone who enjoys customer service, the art of traveling, and working with the latest technologies to facilitate organization and booking practices for their clients. This can be an international career, because a travel agent career could involve working from just about anywhere in the world and… Read the full article…

Host Travel Agency – Steps on How To Choose The Right Host Travel Agency?

Written by: on September 01, 2010

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There are a number of benefits to working with a host travel agency, if you are interested in moving forward quickly with your career path as an individual travel consultant. However, there can be a wide range of different agencies out there, and a few qualities to look for when you are narrowing these agencies… Read the full article…

Become a Top Travel Agent – Desirable Skill Sets to Become a Top Travel Agent

Written by: on August 01, 2010

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When looking at different jobs within the travel industry, some prefer to take on the responsibilities of organizing vacations for others. To become a top travel agent, however, you need to have a wide range of skill sets and Travel Agent Training. This includes not only technical skills but also a high level of impeccable… Read the full article…

Travel Agent Training- Get a Career in the Travel Industry

Written by: on July 01, 2010

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There are many elements of travel agent training to consider. The first and most important thing to know is that there is no formal education requirement for this career. While you can pursue education, you don’t have to. You need to first figure out what you are interested in doing with a travel career, as… Read the full article…

Travel Agent Career- Find Your Path to Success

Written by: on June 01, 2010

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Choosing a career is never an easy task. With so much to consider, it can seem quite challenging to choose the exact right career. If you like to travel and learn about new places, though, you might enjoy a travel agent career. You will have to like working with people and computers, as well. This… Read the full article…

How to Become Travel Agent- Find Your Dream Career

Written by: on May 01, 2010

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There are many different careers out there, but becoming a travel agent can provide many people with the rewarding career that they have been looking for. When you are considering this career, you’ll want to make sure that you find the training that suits your needs. While you can pursue a formal education, it is… Read the full article…