Your partnership is important to us.

As the travel industry recovers from the impact of the pandemic, we thank you for your partnership and commitment to our travel agents. KHM Travel Group values our relationship with you and looks forward to working together in 2022. Below are a variety of digital marketing initiatives that will mutually benefit your company, our travel agents, and their clients.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Vice President of Sales, Geoff Cox – [email protected]
Supplier Relations Manager, Chantelle Nye – [email protected]
Supplier Relations Specialist, Brigett Gerber – [email protected]
Communications and PR Manager, Michelle Bakula – [email protected]
Marketing Production Manager, Sara Rawlings – [email protected]

Advertisement Opportunities We Provide For You (Q4 2022)

Total Package Cost: $3,000 ($3,950 Value)

Please note: Opportunities subject to change.

Agent Portal Rotating Banner
Agents visit this agent-only website daily to find news, updates, promotions, and supplier information. Your advertisement will be included under Featured Events & Promotions.

Focus: Agent
Frequency: 1 banner per quarter
Advertisement Features: Link to specific URL on your site or special page on our site.
Value: $1,000

File Requirements
• 770 x 373 pixels
• 150-300ppi resolution
• .jpg, .png, .pdf, or .gif files only

2020 11 Coopgraphics 1 2

Travel Agent Connection Consumer Website Rotating Banner
Travel Agent Connection is the consumer website we provide to our independent travel agents. Banners will link to a promotion page within the site that includes the sale name, booking window, travel window, promotion details, and terms & conditions.
This is replacing the TravSearch Consumer website.

Focus: Client
Frequency: 1 banner per quarter
Value: $1,000

File Requirements
• 1030 x 400 pixels
• 150-300ppi resolution
• .jpg, .png, .pdf, or .gif files only
• Because of the consumer-facing nature of this advertisement, please do not include KHM Travel Group branding on your banner.

1030x400 image of banner in the center of a website
1030×400 image of banner in the center of a website

Agent Access Weekly Promotion Mention
Agent Access Weekly is emailed to our agents every Thursday. There are two versions – one that focuses on cruise suppliers and one that focuses on land. Each contains the latest promotions and agent incentives.

Focus: Agent
Frequency: 1 promotion mention per week
Value: $700

Sponsored Email Blast (eBlast)
KHM Travel Group will send an email to our agent base on your behalf. Content (text and images) or HTML email code must be provided. All sponsored email blasts include KHM Travel Group’s header and footer. KHM Travel Group is not responsible for issues that arise from importing HTML/CSS code into Active Campaign. Email analytics provided upon request. 

Focus: Agent
Frequency: 1 eBlast per quarter
Value: $500

File Requirements
• Provide content and images (as .png or .jpg files) OR provide HTML email code

2020 11 Coopgraphics 4

Facebook Live
Join Bill Coyle or other KHM Travel Group team members for an engaging conversation-style Facebook Live to be broadcasted in our private Agent Only Group.
Please Note: This can be completed if in the office or remotely and can feature your company’s logo.

You will receive a link via email with available Facebook Live dates to choose from. It is recommended to book your time-slot early! Only 20 spots are open this quarter!

Focus: Agent
Frequency: 1 Facebook Live per quarter
Value: $250

2020 11 Coopgraphics 5

Educational Webinar
Webinars are exclusive to KHM Travel Group Agents. Your webinar will be promoted to our agents in our weekly email sent on Tuesdays. After the live webinar, the recording will be stored in our archive on GoToStage for agents to view at their leisure.

You will receive a link via email with available webinar dates and times to choose from.

Focus: Agent
Frequency: 1 webinar per quarter
Value: $250

2020 11 Coopgraphics 6

2020 11 Coopgraphics Khmtoday2 1

KHM Today Sponsorship
KHM Today is a talk show with segments discussing a variety of topics that are both timely and relevant. Each KHM Today is a weekly web-based talk show for travel advisors.  The primary goal has always been and remains, agent retention.  Being in this industry is challenging and we want to give agents many reasons to stay inspired and connected. 

The show is hosted live on GoTo Webinar each Wednesday at 3pm (ET) and placed on YouTube on Fridays. It becomes a podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts on Fridays as well.

The show is open to all travel professionals, not just those with KHM Travel Group which provides you, the supplier, with a larger audience.  Each show is made up of four to five segments including one segment with an industry expert.  This ranges from our supplier partners to those within the industry in other capacities. Typically, we ask that these guests are Vice President level and above.

We currently have over 1200 registered for the live shows with an average weekly attendance of 85.  We average 201 views on each YouTube episode with over 750 downloads of our podcast.

Visit to access links to watch or listen to our past shows.

For the Sponsorship your brand’s logo will appear on our website,, along with being on a slide on the live and YouTube show. A “Thank you to our sponsors” message will be said out loud for our podcast listeners. Other advertisements may use your brand’s name or logo to promote the show when available. A sponsorship at this level is for an entire quarter.

Focus: Agent (Other agents who are not with KHM Travel Group may view KHM Today.)
Frequency: All Quarter
Value: $250

Digital Advertisement Submission Instructions

Designed ads must be sent to Brigett Gerber at [email protected] AND the Marketing Team at [email protected]. A quarterly fee of $50 will be issued for advertisements that need to be created or resized by our team. Please provide content for ad including text, image attachments in .pdf, .jpg, .png or .gif format (or a URL where they can be found), offer details and required disclaimers.

Email content can be any length of copy. Please include disclaimers if they exist for any offers. Minimal styling can be applied. (bold, title text, regular copy etc.) Allow at least 5 business days for creation and testing. Exact delivery date is based on availability.

Please send new ads prior to the first of the month to ensure maximum placement time.

Please note when referencing KHM Travel Group in your ad, please always refer to us as “KHM Travel” or “KHM Travel Group;” never just “KHM.”

KHM Travel Group has diverse group of agents from a variety of races, backgrounds, ages, locations, and lifestyles. Please keep this in mind when selecting/designing your ads. We encourage you to highlight diversity and inclusion whenever possible.

KHM Travel Group recommends that you share these specifications with your marketing team. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].