Your partnership is important to us.

KHM Travel Group values our relationship with you and looks forward to working together in 2023. Below are a variety of digital marketing initiatives that will mutually benefit your company, our travel agents, and their clients. After you review the package, please download and return the completed contract form to our team no later than January 31st, 2023.

We recommend sharing this site and the following contact information with your internal marketing team. When you turn your contracts in, we also ask that you share your preferred marketing contact for your account along with your accounting specialist.

If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]
Vice President of Sales: Geoff Cox – [email protected]
Supplier Relations Manager: Charlie Thompson – [email protected]
Supplier Relations Specialist: Brigett Gerber – [email protected]
Supplier Relations Specialist: Chantelle Nye – [email protected]
Communications and PR Manager: Michelle Bakula – [email protected]
Marketing Production Manager: Sara Rawlings – [email protected]
Senior Designer: Sam Ramsay – [email protected]
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Specialist: Amy Garner: [email protected]

Advertisement Opportunities We Provide For You

Total Package Cost: $12,000 ($3,000 per quarter)

Please note: Opportunities subject to change.

Sponsored Email (eBlast)
KHM Travel Group will send an email to our agents on your behalf. Content (text and images) or HTML email code must be provided. All sponsored email blasts include KHM Travel Group’s header and footer. KHM Travel Group is not responsible for issues that arise from importing HTML/CSS code into Active Campaign. Email analytics provided upon request. 

Focus: Agent
Update Frequency: 2 email per quarter
Value: $1000 per quarter

File Requirements
• Provide content and images (as .png or .jpg files) OR provide HTML email code
• All HTML files must be submitted via a file transfer website such as WeTransfer.


Email Newsletter Feature
Have your news, upcoming/recorded webinars, or special offers included in our weekly emails. The KHM Travel Insider newsletter is emailed to agents every Tuesday and focuses on events, news, agent resources, and education opportunities. Agent Access Weekly is emailed to our agents every Thursday. There are two versions – one that focuses on cruise suppliers and one that focuses on land. Each contains the latest promotions and agent incentives.

Focus: Agent
Value: $500 per quarter


  • Copy should not exceed 300 characters. Include all relevant links.  
  • Content submitted will be placed in the appropriate email based on topic. 

Agent Portal Post
Agents visit this agent-only website daily to find news, updates, promotions, and supplier information. Your post will be included on the home page.

Focus: Agent
Frequency: up to one per month
Advertisement Features: Content, pdfs, and links to specific URL on your site
Value: $500 per quarter


Logo Included on
Advertise your partnership with KHM Travel Group by having your logo included on our public-facing website.

Focus: Consumer & Agent
Frequency: Once a year
Value: $500 per quarter

File Requirements:
Send .eps file of your current logo


Posts in our Agent-Only Facebook Group 
Have your news, upcoming/recorded webinars, or special offers posted on our Agent-Only Facebook Group.  

Value: $500 
Focus: Agent 
Frequency: Up to 2 per quarter 


  • Copy should not exceed 300 characters. Include all relevant links.  
  • Content submitted will be placed in the appropriate email based on topic. 
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Total Per Quarter $3,000

Digital Advertisement Submission Instructions

Designed ads must be sent to [email protected]. A yearly fee of $1,000/$250 per quarter will be issued for advertisements that need to be created or resized by our team. This fee must be selected on your contract, otherwise our team will not alter nor create any content on your company’s behalf. Please provide content for ad including text, image attachments in .pdf, .jpg, .png or .gif format (or a URL where they can be found), offer details and required disclaimers preferably at the beginning of each month/quarter.

Email content can be any length of copy. Please include disclaimers if they exist for any offers. Minimal styling can be applied. (bold, title text, regular copy etc.) Allow at least 5 business days for creation and testing. Exact delivery date is based on availability.

Please send new ads prior to the first of the month to ensure maximum placement time.

Please note when referencing KHM Travel Group in your ad, please always refer to us as “KHM Travel” or “KHM Travel Group;” never just “KHM.”

KHM Travel Group has diverse group of agents from a variety of races, backgrounds, ages, locations, and lifestyles. Please keep this in mind when selecting/designing your ads. We encourage you to highlight diversity and inclusion whenever possible and highlight topics that spotlight these initiatives within your company.

KHM Travel Group recommends that you share these specifications with your marketing team. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] .

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