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Who is a KHM Travel Agent?

Written by: on April 23, 2019

The 2019 Agent Census also asked travel agents to tell us about the types of travel they sell, their goals, and their challenges. Stay tuned to our blog and social media as we continue to share insights we learned and how the Agent Census has helped us serve our travel agents better. Are you interested… Read the full article…

Which ID Do You Need to Travel?

Written by: on April 15, 2019

  Can you imagine waiting months for your dream vacation, only to arrive at the airport and find that you can’t get on the plane? If your travel clients don’t have the right travel ID, it could become a reality. We’ve outlined the rules and regulations of travel IDs, to help travel agents educate their… Read the full article…

How to Experience Italy’s Less Visited Regions with Avanti

Written by: on April 04, 2019

  Rome, Florence, Venice: these famously photogenic cities are often the first that come to mind when travelers dream of an Italian vacation. But your clients who are looking to explore the historical sites, take in renowned artwork, and sample the delectable dishes that Italy is known for shouldn’t let these cities define their trip,… Read the full article…

Rookie of the Year 2018: Ilona Kruglikov

Written by: on April 01, 2019

  Since launching her travel business in 2017, Intravelvacation INC, Ilona has grown a network of clients that support and value her business. Her dedication and sincerity to serving her clients have propelled her travel sales to the very top and helped her to earn our Rookie of the Year award for 2018. Agents are… Read the full article…

Words to Know: A Beginning Travel Agent Glossary

Written by: on March 28, 2019

  The travel industry is full of lingo and acronyms that can be confusing for newcomers. There’s so much to learn, you don’t want to get stuck Googling definitions every time you start a new course or read through a supplier brochure. Knowing these common industry words and abbreviations will help those new to this… Read the full article…

Featured Destination: Poland

Written by: on March 22, 2019

  Poland may not be on the top of your client’s “want to visit list,” but it should be. This gem of a country is seeing an upward trend of visitors that have slowly discovered why its UNESCO World Heritage sites, stellar food, intricate history, and natural features are something truly spectacular to see. What’s… Read the full article…

FIT vs Escorted Travel: Which is Right for Your Clients?

Written by: on March 20, 2019

  Two travelers can visit the same destination and have vastly different experiences depending on their travel styles and preferences. For instance, determining whether a FIT trip or an escorted tour means taking the time to qualify your clients, and figure out what they value about traveling. Do they want to have more activities included… Read the full article…

Agents Gain Confidence and Knowledge at March Boot Camp

Written by: on March 15, 2019

  KHM Travel Group hosted its first travel agent Boot Camp of 2019 between March 4 – 7. A group of 35 travel agents from around the country joined us in Ohio for four days of business development, travel industry insights, and networking sessions. These sessions gave agents a chance to ask questions, connect with… Read the full article…

KHM Travel’s Agent of the Year 2018: Emily Kladivo

Written by: on March 11, 2019

  Successful business owners often make their achievements look easy. Those at the top must have it all figured out, right? The reality is that the challenges associated with running a travel business don’t disappear after a certain number of years or a certain number of bookings; they just change. Whereas new agents may wonder… Read the full article…

Our 2018 Year in Review

Written by: on March 05, 2019

  It’s the passion our agents have for helping their clients experience the joy of traveling that drives them to success. The passion they have led them to book more than 30,000 cruises and 40,000 resorts! Of course, these numbers wouldn’t be possible without their dedication to taking action. Through online education, Team-Ups, and live events… Read the full article…

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