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Become a Travel Agent – Work with Royal Caribbean’s Partner of the Year

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Below Is a Video That Is Normally Offered Exclusively to KHM Travel Group Agents:

In this short video, our agency director, Burt Kramer announces Partner of the Year with Royal Caribbean, giving credit to KHM Travel Group’s excellent agents. Other announcements made in this video are examples of weekly updates the staff put together to keep KHM Travel Group agents the most informed agents in the industry. Enjoy!

KHM Travel Group is proud to announce that it was recently named one of Royal Caribbean International’s Partners of the Year. Our host travel agency was selected as the Partner of the Year for the Mid-Atlantic Region because of our outstanding achievements which include 150% growth in 2009 and an ongoing commitment to helping a person become a travel agent and realize the benefits that are available to those who choose to start a travel agency online.  Royal Caribbean is one of KHM Travel Group’s preferred suppliers, which along with several other profitable companies, will offer a person who wants to become a travel agent a convenient way to connect to industry-leading organizations that will offer high commissions. Access a List of KHM Travel Group’s Preferred Suppliers Here.

Some of the other honorees that were acknowledged along with KHM Travel Group were Miami-based America’s Vacation Center/Avoya Travel, Cruises-N-More, Cruise Planners in Coral Springs, FL, and Buy the Sea.  KHM Travel Group differs greatly from these other winners because in addition to our retail sector, we also provide assistance if an individual wishes to become a travel agent and start a travel agency online from home. KHM Travel Group is not only reputable, but this award shows the dedication that KHM Travel Group puts forth for their agents’ success!

KHM Travel Group has a positive reputation in the community as a leading host travel agency that will provide guidance and support for someone who wishes to become a travel agent, but being recognized on a national level from a global cruise company is certainly an accomplishment for any company that strives to provide the best customer service and agent support.

This distinction is a high honor that is reserved for the leading travel agencies in the country and is just another indication that KHM Travel Group is the best host travel agency that will provide an individual with all the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources to become a travel agent.  Enrollment with KHM Travel Group includes free training, free information, booking engines, free marketing materials, and access to over 40 hours of video that explains everything you need to know to start a travel agency online and begin face-to-face networking with family, neighbors, and other potential clients.  With the ability to work from home, a KHM Travel Agent can experience all the benefits of owning a successful online travel agency without having to sacrifice time spent with family.  Our host travel agency provides free training and travel agent education at an affordable price that won’t make you take a huge financial risk in order to become a travel agent from home. People that wish to become travel agents and start a travel agency from their home can do so by enrolling with KHM Travel Group.

Royal Caribbean assists KHM Travel Group as we help a new agent with immediate marketing needs that arise when a person decides to become a travel agent.  The Internet marketing issues that occur in the beginning stages when an agent wants to start a travel agency online can seem overwhelming, but we make it easier for the agent because of our comprehensive training, information about email marketing, and our free website hosting program.  Royal Caribbean offers KHM Travel Agents a sales and marketing kit that includes help with advertising once you become a travel agent and promotional materials that will be essential once you start a travel agency online.  In addition to the sales and marketing kit, Royal Caribbean will also provide KHM Travel Agents with Royal Caribbean postcards, magazines, free DVDs, and other printed promotional materials.  These professional marketing pieces are great ways to get your clients excited about booking a vacation and can also serve as additional ways that you can share with prospective clients your decision to become a travel agent.

For free information and to learn more about how you can become a travel agent, start your travel agent career, and start a travel agency online, contact KHM Travel Group at 1-888-611-1220 or visit