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Business Travel Up And Expected To Rise — Could Now Be A Good Time To Become A Travel Agent?

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Working as a travel agent is an exciting career choice. If you’d like to learn how to become a travel agent, you may want to consider starting a travel agent career with a lead host travel agency.

Focus On Business Travel

become-a-travel-agent One way to build a solid travel enterprise is to focus on business clients because business travel has increased in the US, showing a return of confidence in the economy. While the levels are not as high as before the recession, they are on an upward trend. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, over the first half of the year, it has risen a full 19 percent. By comparison, holiday travel only increased 9 percent during the same period.

Leisure Sales Will Also Increase

Travel agents who work with business travelers are also likely to make leisure travel sales because these business owners, company executives and travelling sales people will also want to travel on vacations during some time of the year. Since travel agents are in the relationship business, it is a powerful strategy to build rapport with business travelers.

Start A Travel Agent Career

The demand for experienced travel agents is on the rise as business travel increases in the U.S. There are many benefits to this career path, including getting deep discounts for personal travel. In order to excel in this field, you should seek career guidance so you can chart your course successfully.

Some Travel Career Building Tips

Here are some tips on how to become an excellent travel agent:

1. It is not necessarily a pre-requisite, but if you have a college degree, it is a plus.

2. If you can speak a second language, or are willing to learn one, it will prove an invaluable skill when you become a travel agent.

3. Look for a top-shelf host travel agency to learn more about how to become a travel agent.

4. If you have poor computer skills, take some community college classes to become very comfortable with using computers. Since travel agents do most of their work with computers, these extra classes will definitely help your career.

5. Consult with KHM Travel to find out more about starting a travel agent career, especially about certification needs.

6. It will really help if you have a passion for travel, as this enthusiasm will make selling various travel destinations or special offers very easy to do.

7. When you become a travel agent, make it one of your primary objectives to stay current on industry news and travel trends by reading this blog and by subscribing to travel magazines.

If you want to become a travel agent, then focus on business travelers, the 7 career-building tips just mentioned so you can better the chances at success. To learn more about becoming a travel agent, call Burt Kramer at 877-220-9260.


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