Become a Top Travel Agent – Desirable Skill Sets to Become a Top Travel Agent

Written by: on August 01, 2010

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When looking at different jobs within the travel industry, some prefer to take on the responsibilities of organizing vacations for others. To become a top travel agent, however, you need to have a wide range of skill sets and Travel Agent Training. This includes not only technical skills but also a high level of impeccable customer service ability. You’ll be dealing not only with your own clients, but also with other professionals in the tourism industry.

Because such a high percentage of travel booking is now completed online, it’s necessary to have a skill set that leaves you feeling comfortable with computers and internet usage. That could include specific vocational training with searching database systems, or it could be more a matter of just knowing how to work search engines and booking systems properly.

To become a top travel agent, it’s necessary to have top notch communication skills. That involves being able to listen to clients and their needs, so that you are able to craft the perfect vacation. Communication skills are also important in terms of being able to articulate these client needs to tourism officials in other countries.

Having an interest in travel is a key component to become a top travel agent. If you don’t already enjoy traveling yourself, you won’t be able to have the right level of enthusiasm. This is also important in terms of being able to pass on travel tips to others, and learn more about specific safety concerns, visa issues, and other typical problems that may possibly present themselves while traveling.

Organizational and administrative skills come into play for travel agents. The reason why people hire travel agents in the first place instead of just booking their own reservations is to take the worry out of it and be sure that they can just sit back and relax. You want to make sure that you have the right organization systems in place so that there are no glitches in the system.

Speaking any foreign languages will come in handy as a skill set for anyone who wishes to become a top travel agent. Spanish is becoming more and more prevalent as one of the world’s top languages, and the interest in Japanese and Mandarin is also rising. Speaking any second language or more is bound to help you gain new clients and communicate more effectively with those in foreign countries.

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