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Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Bonnie O’Neill, TravelSafe Insurance

Written by: on March 30, 2017

  In previous blog posts, we’ve covered the value of travel insurance and why travel agents should always offer it to their clients. Getting to know our partners in travel insurance will help you stand out to your clients, and demonstrate your commitment to their vacation investment. Our contact with TravelSafe Insurance is Bonnie O’Neill,… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Linda Thompson, Norwegian Cruise Line

Written by: on January 11, 2017

  Linda Thompson, our Business Development Manager with Norwegian Cruise Line, has been helping others develop their travel businesses for nearly 25 years. She started off as a travel agent herself in Youngstown, Ohio. Coincidentally, she worked with Cheryl Hudak, who is now the Regional Director of Sales with The Mark Travel Corp. From there,… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Chris Schutz, Carnival Cruise Line

Written by: on November 18, 2016

  As we prepare for our 2017 Crystal Conference and Awards on the Conquest, there’s one BDM all agents should get to know. That’s Chris Schutz, our friendly Carnival Cruise Line BDM! Chris is always enthusiastic about working with travel agents and sharing her knowledge of Carnival to help them grow there businesses. She’s been… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Kathy Killen, Royal Caribbean

Written by: on October 24, 2016

  Kathy Killen, our Strategic Account Manager from Royal Caribbean International is a familiar and welcome face here at our Corporate Office. And not just because she often comes bearing donuts and cupcakes! She’s also one of our agents’ biggest supporters, and one of the people all agents should get to know better! Kathy’s travel… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Dianne Pierson, Viking Cruises

Written by: on August 08, 2016

Dianne Pierson, our Business Development Director from Viking Cruises, majored in art education in college. While visiting Paris after she graduated, she fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams of seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. This trip made her realize that she could experience the world’s most celebrated art and architecture through travel. The… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Lucretia Webb, Delta Vacations

Written by: on July 22, 2016

After working in Corporate Sales for 19 years, Lucretia Webb is happy to report that she is now on the “fun side of the business.” That means she gets to work with travel agents, as our Business Development Manager with Delta Vacations. Visiting New York City and Los Angeles as a high school student sparked… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: William Gozzard, Travel Impressions

Written by: on July 15, 2016

“Your success is our destination” is Travel Impressions’ slogan, and our new Business Development Manager, William Gozzard is excited to help agents reach success! William’s start in the travel industry was somewhat of accident. He was working at a market research firm, and wanted to advance into a management role. In his job search, he… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Nora Berna of Classic Vacations

Written by: on June 09, 2016

Many of our travel agents might not have worked with Classic Vacations, but they’ve been dedicated to helping travel professionals create exceptional vacation experiences for more than 30 years. Our Business Development Manager, Nora Berna, has been a part of the Classic Vacations team for 21 years. However, she got her start on the retail… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Sandy Stemen of Globus

Written by: on May 25, 2016

When we talk about the KHM Travel Family, we aren’t just referring to our agents and staff. Our suppliers are just as vital to our host agency, and in some cases, our team has had the pleasure of working with supplier representatives for as long as we’ve been a company! Sandy Stemen, the Globus Family… Read the full article…

Preferred Supplier Spotlight: Tina Tiano of Apple Vacations

Written by: on April 25, 2016

Even after 25+ years in the industry, our Apple Vacations Regional Sales Manager, Tina Tiano, is still fueled by her passion for travel. She started her career by seeking out an internship with a travel agency in Akron, Ohio. After quickly learning the ropes there, she worked her way up to Leisure Manager at the… Read the full article…

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