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Finding the Right Walt Disney World Resort Hotel

Written by: on July 27, 2018

  From excited toddlers to Super Bowl winners, “I’m going to Disney World!” is one of the most magical sentences ever said. But, when it comes to planning a Disney vacation, agents often wish there was a magic wand to choose the right accommodations for their clients. Why Stay in a Walt Disney World Resort… Read the full article…

How to Up Your Professional Writing Game

Written by: on July 05, 2018

  Writing well may seem like a natural talent; a skill that the world’s great novelists and journalists have and the rest of us do not. Not everyone is destined to be the next Charles Dickens or J.K. Rowling, but we all have the potential to become effective writers. Writing is a skill that, with… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Ready to Roll Out Expanded New Agent Boot Camp

Written by: on March 15, 2016

You spoke, and we listened! Thanks to feedback from last year’s Boot Camp attendees, KHM Travel Group has expanded and improved our New Agent Boot Camp training sessions for 2016. We are thrilled to be welcoming 42 agents from around the country for our first Boot Camp of the year, March 16th-18th. According to last… Read the full article…

KHM Travel How-To Video Series: How to Find Networking Groups

Written by: on January 11, 2016

Networking is key to promoting your travel agency in your community, but it can be difficult to know where to start. In this three minute How-To Video, we reveal how home-based travel agents can find networking groups in their communities, and suggest several popular networking groups for travel agents. Finding the right networking groups for… Read the full article…

KHM Travel How-To Video Series: How to Change Common Perceptions of Travel Agents

Written by: on January 04, 2016

In this How-To video, we tackle some of the most popular misconceptions about travel agents. What does it actually mean to be a travel professional, and why should people consult an agent, rather than book travel online? Watch this short video to see how travel professionals can answer these questions, and help their clients understand… Read the full article…

KHM Travel How-To Video Series: What is a FAM?

Written by: on December 30, 2015

KHM Travel’s How-To videos series was created to answer some of the most common questions we’re asked by prospective and new travel agents. This short video explains what FAM (familiarization) trips and seminars at sea are, what is typically included in FAM trips, and how these trips help travel professionals increase their sales. Plus, you’ll… Read the full article…

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