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Why 2019 is the Year to Become a Travel Agent

Written by: on January 11, 2019

  As a host travel agency dedicated to helping others build their own travel businesses, it may seem bias or clichéd for us to claim that 2019 is the year to become a travel agent. However, it is hard to argue with thorough research, and with our understanding of our travel agents’ growth. According to… Read the full article…

What Are the Options to Become a Travel Agent?

Written by: on October 22, 2018

  Launching yourself into a new career as a travel agent is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. The travel industry is vast, and the steps to becoming a successful travel agent aren’t always clear. Like any big decision, it is important to explore your options so that you can find the one that… Read the full article…

5 Ways myTravelCRM Helps KHM Travel Agents Succeed

Written by: on October 15, 2018

  One of the most powerful tools you have access to as a KHM Travel Agent is myTravelCRM. This Client Relationship Manager allows agents to keep their travel business organized and running smoothly. As our Commissions Manager, Hannah, mentions in our Exclusive Agent Benefits series, it is “like an address book and a personal assistant”… Read the full article…

10 Ideas for Pictures to Post on Social Media

Written by: on September 24, 2018

  What to post? Creating content that is engaging and eye-catching doesn’t have to be time-consuming or frustrating. Check out these simple ideas for social media content that will show your expertise, your personality, and hopefully, engage your followers!   Know Your Niche Your own travel photos make for great social media content but remember… Read the full article…

Photo Tips for Instagram Users

Written by: on September 12, 2018

  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with Instagram, you have the chance to say a great deal about you and your travel business. Here are some quick photo tips to help you compose and capture “gram-worthy” photos that will hopefully help you to build a stellar profile and dedicated following…. Read the full article…

Getting Started on Instagram for Travel Agents

Written by: on September 04, 2018

  Over the last 11 years, Instagram has evolved into a powerful marketing platform for businesses to interact with leads and clients. It’s important to know what to post and how you can use this tool to interact with your clients. Here’s a short guide to help launch your Instagram or revamp it into a… Read the full article…

KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: David Anderson

Written by: on August 14, 2018

  The journey to success takes dedication, hard work, and patience. That was certainly the case for David Anderson of Gramps Travel. David will be the first to tell you his path to becoming a Pinnacle agent was, at times, difficult and discouraging, but that has made his success that much sweeter. David joined KHM… Read the full article…

Travel Agents: Make the Most of Your About Section on Facebook

Written by: on August 08, 2018

  A Facebook business page offers travel agents the chance to directly connect with a network of friends, family, and community members who can develop into clients. The more that people find, like, and share your Facebook page, the more likely you are to see growth in the number of clients you serve and bookings you… Read the full article…

Finding the Right Walt Disney World Resort Hotel

Written by: on July 27, 2018

  From excited toddlers to Super Bowl winners, “I’m going to Disney World!” is one of the most magical sentences ever said. But, when it comes to planning a Disney vacation, agents often wish there was a magic wand to choose the right accommodations for their clients. Why Stay in a Walt Disney World Resort… Read the full article…

How to Up Your Professional Writing Game

Written by: on July 05, 2018

  Writing well may seem like a natural talent; a skill that the world’s great novelists and journalists have and the rest of us do not. Not everyone is destined to be the next Charles Dickens or J.K. Rowling, but we all have the potential to become effective writers. Writing is a skill that, with… Read the full article…

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