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Featured Destination: Must-See Game of Thrones Locations

Written by: on April 05, 2019

  By Ashley Newton, KHM Travel Group’s Video Content Specialist “Winter is coming” is a phrase that travel agents might welcome, knowing the cold weather will bring requests for sunshine and sandy beaches. It’s also a rallying cry for fans of the television show Games of Thrones, which will embark on its eighth and final… Read the full article…

How to Experience Italy’s Less Visited Regions with Avanti

Written by: on April 04, 2019

  Rome, Florence, Venice: these famously photogenic cities are often the first that come to mind when travelers dream of an Italian vacation. But your clients who are looking to explore the historical sites, take in renowned artwork, and sample the delectable dishes that Italy is known for shouldn’t let these cities define their trip,… Read the full article…

Featured Destination: Poland

Written by: on March 22, 2019

  Poland may not be on the top of your client’s “want to visit list,” but it should be. This gem of a country is seeing an upward trend of visitors that have slowly discovered why its UNESCO World Heritage sites, stellar food, intricate history, and natural features are something truly spectacular to see. What’s… Read the full article…

Featured Destination: Houston, Texas

Written by: on February 28, 2019

  Houston is a thriving city that is home to entrancing museums, stellar science, and plenty of outdoor entertainment. Yes, it’s in Texas, but there’s so much more here than oil rigs and cowboys. As the Lone Star State’s most populous city, Houston welcomes visitors to experience its green spaces, diversity, and ingenuity. From Sea… Read the full article…

Exploring the Whimsical Worlds of Universal Orlando

Written by: on February 19, 2019

  As a longtime Harry Potter fan and travel lover, Universal’s Florida theme parks have been on my travel list for years. During recent a three-day weekend, one of my best friends and I eagerly boarded a plane and headed to Orlando to experience the magic for ourselves. Here’s what we learned that will help… Read the full article…

Featured Destination: Athens, Greece

Written by: on February 08, 2019

  We still recount the culture, marvel at the buildings, and read the stories that originated in ancient Greece. At the heart of many of these famous elements is Athens, Greece’s capital city. Today, Athens, is much more than ruins and history; it’s a thriving destination that seamlessly blends modernity with tradition in ways that continues… Read the full article…

Top Avalon River Cruises for 2019

Written by: on January 18, 2019

This post is sponsored by Travel Leaders Network. River cruising’s popularity continues to grow as more people discover the luxury of touring dream destinations paired with the convenience and comfort of cruising. Offering itineraries sailing on the most world’s famous rivers, Avalon Waterways is among the world’s top river cruising suppliers. These Avalon Waterways voyages… Read the full article…

The Top Places to Travel in 2019

Written by: on December 28, 2018

  As the new year approaches, many people set resolutions to travel. This is great news for travel agents who are eager to help new and returning clients plan their adventures. In 2019, the top destinations drawing travelers from around the globe include cosmopolitan hubs, breathtaking beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries. Read on to see why… Read the full article…

Why Should You Cruise Around Hawaii?

Written by: on December 21, 2018

  With spectacular beaches and rich, diverse culture, the Aloha State draws visitors from around the globe. The hardest part of planning a Hawaiian vacation is deciding which islands to visit because each one offers travelers a different atmosphere and opportunities for breathtaking experiences. Perhaps the best way to hop around the state is by… Read the full article…

Agents Have a FAM-tastic Time at Karisma Resorts

Written by: on December 14, 2018

  As travel agents know all too well, not every resort is created equal. Some resorts feature an elaborate pool with a swim-up bar to match their vibrant nightlife activities. Others have pristine beaches where guests can close their eyes and let the sound of the waves wash their stresses away. Some properties cater to… Read the full article…

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