Diversity and Inclusion

KHM Travel Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Team is comprised of a volunteer group of Corporate Team Members and our independent travel agents. Working together, we seek ways to highlight diversity and inclusion within the travel industry and within our organization.

The team was formed in 2017, after the KHM Travel Group Corporate Team was approached by a group of agents who expressed concern about the lack of available supplier marketing resources to promote travel to diverse groups of clients.

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KHM Travel Group responded by inviting these agents to serve on a newly-formed committee, along with Corporate Team Members with expertise in supplier relations, sales, marketing, and operations. The committee meets quarterly, with sub-committee meetings in between, to explore how we can best advocate for diversity and inclusion in the travel industry.

Diversity in Action Award

KHM Travel Group invites our suppliers to join us in celebrating diversity by participating in the chance to win our Diversity in Action Award. This new award was first announced at our 2019 Crystal Conference as a way to encourage industry excellence by recognizing the importance of travel agents and travelers being able to identify with diverse yet inclusive images of enjoyable vacation experiences. Suppliers who are interested in this opportunity should email [email protected] for more information.

Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

We serve as advocates for representation and recognition for all people within the travel industry. KHM Travel Group is committed to building a culture that respects and embraces diversity, inclusion, and equality. We encourage these values be embraced by our team members, travel agents, suppliers, clients, and communities we serve.

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