Mexico Ready to Welcome Back Travelers Safely

Written by: Michelle on November 05, 2020

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As travel restrictions lift from Mexico, and resorts begin to welcome back travelers, you may get a lot of questions about whether it is safe to travel to Mexico.

The answer: Yes, Mexico is safe and ready to welcome you back now and in 2021. Resorts in popular destinations like Cancun and Riviera Maya have been open to travelers for the past several months with no major issues. With updated policies and expanded cleaning practices, resorts are doing their best to ensure visitors are safe and comfortable on their vacation.

Let’s take a look at how travelers’ health is checked and what safety guidelines they can expect on their vacation to Mexico.

1. Air Travel to Mexico

Airports are taking the health of their guests seriously and practicing enhanced safety measures to ensure visitors can enjoy their vacation. This includes temperature scanning when arriving at the airport, social distancing practices, and keeping middles seats open (on some airlines) to allow for more space between guests. Travelers must also wear a mask while onboard the airplane and in areas of the airport.

2. Resort Safety Practices

Resorts are using sanitization seals on rooms and around items such as tv remotes, cups, and toiletries. This helps ensure cleanliness and gives travelers peace of mind during their stay. Resort staff members are all wearing masks. They are also operating with an increased level of hospitality in inviting guests to use sanitizer on hands and feet around pool areas and when coming inside the resort.

3. Changes and Restrictions

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Though many of the highlights of an all-inclusive vacation remain the same, there have been some changes. These changes are in an effort to eliminate high-touch surfaces, like serving guests at buffets, rather than sharing utensils. In some cases, guests need to schedule gym appointments to allow for proper cleaning of equipment between uses. Travel agents should also monitor the status of spas and group excursions as these policies will vary by resort. In some cases, excursions are limited to private tours to keep groups distanced.

The bottom line is that resorts want to give your clients confidence in their safety. This will help them relax, have fun, and experience the vacation moments they’ve been waiting for.

As your clients plan for 2021, Mexico and the Caribbean will remain popular spots for fun-in-the-sun vacations. Keep in mind that reduced capacities and high demand for travel will mean that resorts may sell out quickly for the coming months, especially for spring break and summer of 2021. Booking now is essential to ensuring your clients can have the vacation they are hoping for at their preferred resort

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