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Travel Agent Information Center

Are you interested in becoming a travel agent? KHM Travel Group’s Travel Agent Information Center is the place to go to find the information you need to know about starting a travel agency. A leading host agency for thousands of travel agents in the United States, KHM Travel Group is excited to be a part of your journey in the travel industry.

From learning what a host agency is to what type of licensing is required to become a travel agent, the Travel Agent Information Center is filled with articles to guide you to success. Can’t find what you’re looking for, or have more questions? Contact Us Today!

Continuing Education

If you are already a travel agent, explore this section to expand your knowledge base. Information here includes everything from videos to marketing ideas! Learn More >>

Common Questions

We know there are many questions you may have on your journey to becoming a travel agent. Here, we get your questions answered! Learn More >>

Traveling Tips & Information

You never know where your clients will want to go, so you must be prepared! In this section, we give some awesome traveling tips and information you can research and share with your clients. Learn More >>

How to Become a Travel Agent

Ever wonder how to become a travel agent? We will get your questions answered in this section which includes information about salaries, obtaining CLIA cards and more! Learn More >>