Meet The Staff

Meet the Executive Team

rick zimmerman, president and ceo of khm travel groupRick Zimmerman, President and CEO
Life has a way of taking us back to our roots, and that’s certainly the case with Rick. He began in the travel industry fresh out of college where he worked as a travel agent for a small mom and pop agency in Cleveland, Ohio. Rick left the travel industry to follow his brother into the residential construction industry where he spent the next twenty-five years. In early 2002, he began to dabble in travel again. One thing led to another and KHM Travel Group was founded. While not a gambler, Rick’s passion is taking trips to Vegas with friends, family and agents. Rick’s vision for KHM Travel Group is to have the absolute best agent support, combined with the state-of-the-art training, and to be known for having the highest commission payouts in the industry. Today, Rick is the driving force behind KHM Travel Group

burt kramer, agency director / patricia kramer, commissions managerBurt Kramer, Agency Director / Patricia Kramer, Commissions Manager
Travel has always been an integral part of Burt and his wife, Patricia’s life. By the time Burt was only five years old, he had visited 38 of the 50 states traveling on family vacations. He continued this tradition with Patricia and their three sons. They spent summers vacations in Florida and Arizona and gradually got to more exotic locations in and around the Caribbean. Burt has an extensive online marketing background, initially working in the health & nutrition industry. Over a dozen years ago he and Patricia got their feet wet with Travel Dynamics out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Driven by the desire to combine his passion for travel with his internet marketing skills, they teamed up with Rick Zimmerman in early 2002 and began the development of what would become KHM Travel Group. Today, they oversee the day-to-day operations and work to develop new and innovative ways for KHM Travel Agents to be successful home-based business owners.

Craig Freeman, Business Analyst

Membership Team

As the number one recruitment resource for new agents, our Memberships Team thoroughly explains our program to prospective agents and gives direction to individuals when they are deciding if our program is right for them.

  • Bri Greathouse – Memberships Supervisor
  • Natalie Aspery – Senior Membership Support
  • Sally Campbell – Membership Support
  • Mary Haught – Membership Support
  • Hannah Jamison – Membership Support

Training & Agent Support

Working hard to train new agents and answer questions about all aspects of starting and operating a home-based travel agency, the Agent Support Team is the main source of support for our over 3,200 independent travel agents.

  • Marie Smith – National Training Director
  • Beth Klubnik – Agency Trainer
  • John Nagel – Training Assistant
  • Madison Isom – Agent Systems Support
  • Terri Camsdale – Agent Trainer
  • Kathy Gorfido – Agent Support Manager
  • Pam Hassel – Agent Support Lead
  • Tyler Parvu – Agent Support Specialist
  • Jennifer Henneman – Agent Support Specialist
  • Holly Peck – Agent Support Specialist
  • Karen Tyler – Agent Support Specialist
  • Ilma Abelyan – Agent Support Specialist

Commissions Team

The Commissions Team oversees the payment of commissions, assists agents who need guidance with the booking process, and handles the distribution of all travel documentation.

  • Patricia Kramer – Commissions Manager
  • Shannon Brickles – Commissions Associate
  • Karen Milia – Commissions Associate
  • Hannah Butler – Commissions Associate

Billing Team

All issues involving the payment of membership fees are directed to the Billing Team, who also handles credit card transactions and other major accounting functions for the company.

  • David Kramer – Billing Manager
  • Lisa Leone – Billing Assistant
  • Elizabeth Horvat – Billing Assistant
  • Kathy VanTuyl – Office Assistant

Marketing Team

Specializing in advertising, graphic design, copy writing, web design and video production, our Marketing Team designs creative marketing pieces for use by our travel agents, Membership Team, and Retail Sales Office.

  • Carolyn Sekerak – Creative Marketing Director
  • Jason Zimmerman – Digital Marketing Director
  • Michelle Bakula – Senior Copywriter / PR Manager
  • Dustin Kramer – Multi-Media Designer
  • Krista Hartley – Senior Graphic Designer
  • Christian Zimmerman – Multi-Media Designer
  • Katie Smotek – Graphic Designer
  • Melissa Rice – Copywriter / Social Media Assistant
  • Tanya Perez – Front End Web Developer
  • Megan Morsie – Front End Web Developer
  • Amanda Bates – Web Content Writer

Supplier Relations

Developing and maintaining relationships with our Supplier Business Development Managers, along with helping connect our agents to special promotions and supplier incentives are the main roles of the Supplier Relations team.

  • Geoff Cox – Vendor Relations Director
  • Lisa Morris – Vendor Relations Director
  • Heather Allison – West Regional Development Coordinator
  • Valeria Vick – Southwest Regional Development Coordinator
  • Rochelle Ward – Midwest & Canada Regional Development Coordinator
  • Rebecca Doby – Southeast Regional Development Coordinator
  • James Fair – East Regional Development Coordinator

Intellectual Resources

The Intellectual Resource Manager handles the company’s Intellectual Resources, as well as all regulatory/legal requirements for the company.

  • Karen Siburt – Intellectual Resource Manager

LoveShack Vacations / Retail Sales Team

The retail office of KHM Travel is comprised of an experienced team of travel consultants who help local clients plan cruises, honeymoons, family vacations, international tours and more.

  • Jenn Ferch – LoveShack Vacations Agency Director
  • Jeanmarie Pope – Travel Consultant / Romance Travel Specialist
  • Kathy Molina – Travel Consultant / Romance Travel Specialist
  • Lois Holben – Travel Consultant / Romance Travel Specialist
  • Ashley Jacin – LoveShack Vacations Administrative Assistant
  • Nichole Fox – LoveShack Vacations Recruiter
  • Julianne Keco – Senior Travel Coordinator