How Travel Agent Commissions Work

Commissions are the result of your hard work and dedication to your clients! As your host agency, we strive every day to ensure agents are paid in a timely accurate manner. So how do travel agent commissions work?

After you’ve made a booking for a client, you’ll enter it into the myTravelCRM system. This step is vital to ensure you receive your commission! Once your client has traveled, and our team has received the commission from the supplier you booked with, you will be paid your commission.

Our travel agents also love that we pay out commissions on a weekly basis!

As a leading host travel agency, our Preferred Suppliers pay us the top commissions, which mean higher income for you!  Due to our collective sales volume, our Preferred Suppliers pay 13%, 15% and in some cases up to 20%.

All agents start out earning an 80% commission payout. This means that from the total commission the supplier has paid to KHM Travel Group, you will receive 80% of that amount.

To be eligible for 90% commission payout, an agent must reach and maintain at least $5,000 in paid commissions within the calendar year, which resets January 1. 

Travel Booking Example:

Starting with your very first booking, you earn some of the top commissions possible. Let’s look at what you can earn from making a $4,000 booking with the typical host agency compared to KHM Travel Group.

 The CompetitionKHM Travel Group
Commission Rate10%*16%**
Total Commission$400$640
Agent Split50/5090%***
Your Commision$200$576

In this example, you could be earning an additional $376.00 with KHM Travel Group. Over time, this difference could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket!

*Many of our competitors artificially cap commissions at 10%.
**Generally the commission paid by our vacation package suppliers is between 10% – 15% and cruise suppliers is between 10% – 16%.
***Reflects commission rate for agents having earned at least $5000 in commissions in the past 12 months.

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