7 Things Travelers Need to Know about Passports
By KHM Staff on September 13, 2023

It’s always rewarding to plan a client’s first family vacation or book that bucket list trip they’ve been dreaming about for years. If your clients are new to international travel, passports can be confusing. The following tips will help you keep your clients informed about passports before they head abroad. 1. Where can you apply…Continue reading: 7 Things Travelers Need to Know about Passports →

Destination Alphabet
By KHM Staff on September 05, 2023

We are going to back to travel school with our destination alphabet! Follow along to learn about some of our favorite destinations this month! A is for Alaska B is for Bahamas C is for Caribbean D is for Dominican Republic E is for Ecuador F is for Fiji G is for Galapagos H is…Continue reading: Destination Alphabet →

Selling Alaska with Celebrity Cruises
By KHM Staff on August 31, 2023

Partner with Celebrity Cruises to provide your clients with the luxury treatment they deserve when visiting Alaska. Whether sailing on Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Eclipse, or Celebrity Millennium, your guests will be delighted by an elegant onboard atmosphere. Watch the video below or keep reading for tips on selling Alaska with Celebrity. For the ultimate in…Continue reading: Selling Alaska with Celebrity Cruises →

Packing a Ready to Go Bag
By Stephanie on August 21, 2023

In a previous post, I shared some tips for packing a traveling pharmacy, a bag of medications that I take along with me on our family adventures both near and far. In addition to this small pouch, I travel with what I call my “ready to go” bag, a second zippered pouch that houses the…Continue reading: Packing a Ready to Go Bag →

Around the World in 4 Days
By Michelle on August 10, 2023

Not many travel agents can say they traveled around the world this summer. But those who made it to this year’s Destination Success can! Thanks to the expertise and diversity of our suppliers, we were able to learn about the world’s best vacation experiences in just four days. Kicking off the week of learning, VP…Continue reading: Around the World in 4 Days →

A Summer of Giving Back at KHM Travel Group
By Michelle on August 01, 2023

Through the efforts of KHM Cares, KHM Travel Group organized two summer activities to collect donations for Northeast Ohio families.  The first drive was in support of Feeding Medina County. Assigning each Executive Team member with one of the most-needed items, team members brought in donations for this fun competition. Our winner was President and CEO…Continue reading: A Summer of Giving Back at KHM Travel Group →

Packing a “Traveling Pharmacy”
By Stephanie on July 27, 2023

Between my Type A personality and a general desire to face any situation as prepared as possible, about 15 years ago I assembled a “traveling pharmacy” to remain packed and ready to go so I can grab it on my way out the door. Whether the outing is a morning spent at the local beach or a…Continue reading: Packing a “Traveling Pharmacy” →

Perks of Being a Home-Based Travel Agent
By Stephanie on July 14, 2023

Working as a home-based travel agent, you are sure to save time and money. Not needing to invest in an office space is a huge perk, and eliminating a commute also eliminates stress, especially if it spares you from rush hour traffic. Besides saving time and money, there are a few lesser-known benefits you’ll enjoy…Continue reading: Perks of Being a Home-Based Travel Agent →

A Month in Portugal
By Stephanie on July 06, 2023

With its history (geographic borders defined in the early 12th century, a long list of contributions to global exploration, incredible cathedrals), people (a friendly and peaceful population that is family-focused), and culture (beautiful sites and cities from north to south), Portugal captured our family’s interest as a place to spend some extended time. Planning a…Continue reading: A Month in Portugal →

How to Charge Fees as a Travel Agent
By Michelle on June 28, 2023

If you’re new to the travel industry, one of the most frequently asked questions involves how travel agents get paid. Travel agents earn commission (that’s paid by the supplier) after the client has traveled. So how can you still earn money even when your clients aren’t visiting beautiful destinations? Charging fees can provide a steady…Continue reading: How to Charge Fees as a Travel Agent →

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