About KHM Travel

Our Story

Sparked by an idea and an unquestionable passion to do something different, KHM Travel Group has quickly become one of the most innovative host travel agencies in the nation. KHM Travel Group began as a small, family-owned business in Brunswick, Ohio. From a handful of team members working out of a one room office suite to a team of over 50 occupying a multi-office complex, the increased amount of talent the company has seen over the past decade is simply extraordinary.

The current team works daily to support the 4,000+ independent travel agents all across the United States who are earning money following their dreams of selling travel. In an industry driven by computer automation and bottom line sales figures, KHM Travel Group stands out as a leader in customer service and personal travel agent development, making it one of the best choices for someone looking for high commission, unlimited support and the latest technology.


Mission Statement and Core Values

At KHM Travel Group, we strive to share our knowledge and experience to help others excel in the development and operation of their own travel businesses. Our caring, family-based atmosphere extends beyond the walls of our office to our travel agents, clients and Supplier Business Development managers across the country, as we facilitate their achievements. We work hard to develop personal relationships with our travel agents and provide them with the comprehensive support and assistance that they need to reach their business, financial and personal goals. At KHM Travel Group, our success truly lies in the success of our travel agents.