Our Story

Sparked by an idea and passion to do something different, KHM Travel Group has grown to become one of the most innovative host travel agencies in the nation. KHM Travel Group began as a small, family-owned business in Brunswick, Ohio. From a handful of team members working out of a small office suite to a team of over 70 occupying a multi-office complex, the increased amount of talent the company has seen over the past decade is simply extraordinary.

The current team works daily to support the 5,000+ independent home-based travel agents all across the United States who are following their dreams of selling travel. In an industry driven by automation and sales, KHM Travel Group stands out as a leader in customer service and personal travel agent development, making it one of the best choices for someone looking for high commission, unlimited support, and the latest technology.

Watch this fun inside-look at our team and office in Ohio!
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Our Commitment to Service

Great customer service is treating all people with respect, compassion, and empathy while listening well to their needs, from the first interaction through the entire experience. At KHM Travel Group, we live our Core Values, and as a result, consistently put the customer’s needs at the forefront of every interaction.

Mission Statement

Our success lies in the development of our team members and independent travel agents. We strive to share our knowledge and passion to help independent travel agents excel in the operation of their businesses. Each team member is empowered and valued to provide exceptional quality and service to each other, our travel agents, supplier partners, community members, and guests. We are committed to expressing our gratitude, helping others achieve their goals, and extending our family-based atmosphere to all.

Click on the Core Values below to hear our team members share how we live out our Core Values!


We will affirm the priceless value of people, in that we will always treat others with respect, honor and dignity.


We will wisely utilize our resources for the benefit of our company, team members, independent agents, and community.


We will abide by faithfulness to our family, team members, the company, independent agents and community, all while working to foster a balance between work and home life.


We will strive to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers, delivering an outstanding experience with every interaction.


We will speak and act from a position of honesty to honor confidentiality and build trust, thereby avoiding gossip and negative behavior.


We will value the power of combined efforts, where all team members are pulling together toward a common goal.


We will work hard to achieve success and help others flourish, both economically and personally.


We will generously invest our time, talents, and resources in others.


We will always handle ourselves according to our core values including during times of difference of opinions, obstacles, and conflicts. Organization, follow-through, and follow-up shall be valued.


We will present ourselves in a professional, sincere, and honest way, and encourage others to do the same.


We will promote positive interactions and recognition to encourage a caring and enjoyable environment.


We will acknowledge and support the people that we are tied to as a global community.


We will approach every day from a position of gratitude, being thankful for the opportunities that each new day provides in our professional and personal lives.

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KHM Cares organizes and delivers meaningful opportunities for KHM Travel Group’s team members, travel agents, and partners to participate in charitable initiatives that support those in need in our network, our local communities, and the travel and tourism community in general.  If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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