9 Effective Ways to Market Your Travel Agency

Written by: Dezaree Stack on December 14, 2017

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Marketing your business to your clients is an important part of being a travel agent. Managing your social media accounts, website, CRM, blogs, and emails, plus staying on top of new travel deals and booking your clients–there’s always so much to do! Are your efforts bringing in the business that you hoped for? When looking at your marketing plan for the year, there are a few effective marketing ideas that you should consider including in your plan.


Practice your 30-second commercial.

Whether you’re walking into the grocery store or attending your child’s school function, you’re bound to bump into someone you know. Having your 30-second commercial prepared is essential to marketing your travel agency. Attending Boot Camp at our corporate office will help you perfect your pitch.


Create a monthly email newsletter.

Developing a short email sent from myTravelCRM or Mailchimp is an easy, efficient way to keep in contact with your clients. Your newsletter content should focus on the current travel season. Whether it’s engagement season, summer break or time to deck the halls, email your clients on a consistent basis to give them travel ideas and tips for all occasions! KHM Travel Agents can check out the content in the email templates of myTravelCRM for more content ideas.

Add variety to your social media posts.

Inspire your followers with content based on new travel deals, industry news, packing tips, destination highlights, and holiday posts! To liven your posts, here’s some content suggestions:

Set up a booth at a local trade show or fair.

Find the perfect trade show by checking your local chamber of commerce, event center schedule, fairgrounds, or even call your nearest mall to set up a table or booth during a specific time. Broadcasting your business to potential clientele is the best way to amp up your leads list. KHM Travel Group has tips to prepare our agents to work a tradeshow.

Start a referral program.

Marketing by word of mouth is highly efficient, requires minimum effort, and is low-cost! Boost your sales by asking your clients to refer a friend to your travel business or to simply keep you in mind when someone mentions travel. To add extra incentive, you could create a referral program. Offer your clients money off their next vacation or a gift card when they refer new clients that book a vacation!


Giving out items with your travel agency’s information creates wide, visual exposure for your business. Think of low-cost giveaways that your clientele would enjoy and possibly use while traveling. We suggest visiting 4imprint to brainstorm ideas.

Advertise locally.

From bulletin ads to newspapers to pizza boxes, there’s advertising opportunities everywhere. Putting your business name, logo, and contact information out publicly lets others know that your services are available and can boost your public relations image.

Send direct mail to your client’s homes.

Every day your clients come home to a mailbox full of bills, newspapers, and the occasional note from grandma. Add a little variety and a personal touch to your client communications by sending them something from their favorite travel agent! For special occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or congratulations for a life event, consider hand-writing a card or letter.

Don’t forget to put a “travel” spin on your message.  For example, in an anniversary card add, “During these special times, couples often plan an anniversary trip, renewal of their vows, or just a romantic getaway as a celebration of their love. [YourAgencyName] will plan the perfect time for you and your spouse, so you can focus on each other. If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact me.”

Plan a Travel Night.

By hosting a travel night, clients can learn more about a specific destination, tour or cruise. If you choose, you can even offer an exclusive booking incentive. Host this night in your home, event space, or restaurant depending on the number of attendees. Supplier BDMs are great resources to tap into when planning a travel night.

Keeping in contact with your clients is crucial to developing your business. When developing your marketing plan, keep an eye out for creative ideas that will attract your target clients. KHM Travel Group encourages our agents to stay current with their marketing plan.

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