How to Save Money on Your Spring Break Escape

Written by: Amanda on February 02, 2015

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Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, but there’s no need to grumble. Sunny skies and sandy beaches are just a quick plane ride away. If you haven’t started planning yet, put down that snow shovel and book your tickets for a spring break escape with these money-saving tips.

1. Book ASAP. College kids aren’t the only ones heading south for spring break, and airlines have taken note of the increased demand, especially on peak travel days. The closer you book to spring break, the higher the fares will be.

2. Take a Five-Day Trip. Of course you’ll want to spend as much time out of the snow belt as possible, but you will pay more for weekend-to-weekend flights. For the budget-conscience, look into Monday or Tuesday departures that could save you major moolah.

3. Add a Stop. Sure, nonstop flights are convenient, but they are often the most expensive. If you don’t mind longer travel times, check out routes that have stops — you might cut hundreds of dollars off your fare. You’ll have plenty of extra dough for daiquiris!

4. Try Alternate Airports. The closest airport to your destination may not be the cheapest option, depending on where you are departing from. If you have your sights set on Disney World, check for flights to Tampa — just 84 miles from Orlando — as the airfare might be cheap enough to make the extra drive worth it.

5. Look at Less Common Destinations. Snow can be fun, we swear. This time of year, keep an eye out for great deals on airfare to prime ski areas in Colorado and New England. If you really need a break from the cold, try less-obvious destinations like Southern California or New Orleans.

Where are you headed for Spring Break?

Source: ABC News