All Dressed Up: Traveling with your Wedding Attire

Written by: Melissa on July 06, 2021

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From tropical seascapes to ancient castles, and everything in between, destination weddings provide amazing backdrops for saying “I Do.” But before you can take those epic wedding day photos, you and your wedding outfit need to make it safely to the venue. What should you keep in mind when traveling with your wedding attire? 


Bride Groom Wedding Attire and Shoes

Whether you’ll be wearing a gown, tuxedo, sherwani, or kimono, there is one nonnegotiable piece of advice: Never put your wedding attire inside your checked luggage. This includes clothing, shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories. If for some reason your checked baggage doesn’t arrive when you do, you won’t have to stress about replacing these unique items. As you plan your packing strategy, verify your airline’s specific policies and size limitations for carry-on luggage. 

One option is to put everything inside your carry-on suitcase, which of course, means folding or rolling items to fit them into a smaller space. Use plastic dry cleaning bags or layers of tissue paper in between folds to keep fabric from creasing. (WHITE tissue paper only! You don’t want any kind of color to stain the fabric.) There are some great online tutorials for folding specific types of clothing, like this one from Brooks Brothers for packing a suit

Option two is better for wedding gowns, bulkier items, and more delicate fabrics. These will travel better left on the hanger, inside a garment bag. Don’t rely on a bag made of lightweight, papery material. Invest in a high-quality travel bag that will protect against spills and stains along the way. While your bag should stay with you throughout the trip, slip your contact information and a copy of your itinerary inside as an extra precaution. 


Passengers Deplaning

Getting your wedding outfit to the gate is only part of the puzzle. Is there a closet available on board to accommodate your garment bag? Will it fit in an overhead compartment, and if so, will it have to be folded or rolled? Even if you ask the airline in advance, keep in mind that airplane types and configurations can be swapped without notice. Other than buying an extra seat for your wedding gown—yes, that’s an option—there are no guarantees for what type of space will be available during your flights. 

Arrive at the departure gate in plenty of time before boarding starts, and tell the agent you are traveling with your wedding attire. If you ask nicely, most airline employees will be happy to help you understand the space available and help you coordinate the best option. If you must use an overhead bin, wait until everyone has stowed their suitcases and then lay your bag flat across the top. 


Hanging Wedding Attire

As soon as you arrive to your destination, unpack and hang up your wedding clothing. Carefully inspect everything for stains, tears, or other damage. If you need something pressed or steamed, contact the hotel staff. Some resorts include this service as part of their destination wedding packages. You could also bring along a travel steamer, but use extra caution with fabrics that might be prone to water spots. 

Beyond brides and grooms, members of the wedding party should take similar precautions with their attire. With a little planning and some careful packing, everyone will look their best on the big day! 

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