Our Education

Learn How to Be a Travel Agent

One of the big questions you probably have is, “how do I learn how to be a travel agent?” The first step is investing in your education!


The first step is laying a strong foundation by educating yourself about the travel industry and running a travel business. We pride ourselves on our education programs and courses, both online and in-person. Starting with our New Agent Courses in our Learning Management System and continuing with ongoing webinars, Coaching sessions and live events, our program has been designed to help you build your knowledge and truly grow as a trusted, confident travel professional.

It all starts with our New Agent Courses, which include:

  • An orientation to KHM Travel Group, how you’ll book travel, and an introduction to our suppliers
  • Travel Agent Compliance, which covers the rules and regulations you need to know when selling travel
  • An introduction to myTravelCRM and how to enter bookings so you’ll receive your commission on time
  • Branding basics to help you develop a business name, logo, tagline and other essential marketing elements

After that, we have additional courses to walk you through making your first booking and get an introduction to group travel. And this is just the beginning of your education! In addition to our courses, webinars, Coaching program, and live events, you’ll also gain access to the travel agent resources and educational programs of top travel suppliers and organizations.

One of our favorite ways to educate agents is through our weekly talk show KHM Today. KHM Today is designed to enhance your engagement with industry partners, the community of travel agents, and the KHM Travel Group team. Each week, we have industry guests share their insights. Plus, we chat about the latest headlines, tips from our team, destination updates, and practical advice for ways to engage and market to clients!

That’s why no prior experience in the travel industry is required to get started. The travel industry is complicated and constantly changing, but KHM Travel Group helps you learn how to be a travel agent and continue your education and business development.

If you’re ready to start your travel business, you can get started here or call us at 1-888-611-1220.