Marketing Your Travel Business

Find Clients and Build Relationships

Marketing is one of the key ways to ensure your travel business’s growth. We like to think of marketing as building awareness and developing relationships with people who love to travel, like you!

KHM Travel Group has an in-house marketing team of writers, designers, videographers, and brand strategists. What does this mean for you?

We want all of our agents to be successful, which is why the information in our Agent Portal includes travel agent marketing resources. For example, one of the ways we make marketing your travel business easy is through our weekly email newsletters. These emails include the most up-to-date travel news and offers that matter to your clients.

Whether it’s making a business card or understanding how to use Facebook to promote yourself, our resources guide you to create a marketing strategy that works for you.

Marketing with KHM Travel Group

Included in the Marketing Hub of MyTravelAgentPortal are resources like:

  • Easy Marketing Tips & Techniques
  • Monthly Marketing Calendar
  • Social Media Graphics Library
  • Video Library
  • Brochure and Flyer Templates
  • Guidelines for Developing Your Brand
  • Resources for Selling Romance Travel
  • Advice for Creating Your Logo
  • Sample Qualifying Forms
  • Travel Guides, Checklists, and Packing Lists for Clients
  • Downloadable Social Media Resources
  • …and much more!

Not only will we guide you through obtaining essential marketing materials like business cards and brochures, but we’ll also help you develop an Internet presence.

Additionally, our team stays in touch with the latest social media trends, websites, and mobile applications–and we share that knowledge with you! We also love chatting with agents at our in-person events or in our Agent Only Facebook Group.

Through social media, you can get the word out about the latest supplier promotions and deals with our suppliers’ pre-designed graphics and status updates. All of these exclusive travel agent marketing resources are available to you, so you can easily share with just a few clicks.

Building a brand and promoting your agency are some of the keys to success and our proven marketing tools and techniques will help you work smart to ensure you get the most out of your sales efforts!

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