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KHM Travel Group is proud to partner with Travel Professionals of Color (TPOC) to bring you our leading platform for independent travel advisors. 

We’ve been chosen as TPOC’s sole partner for members looking for a host travel agency. Through KHM Travel Group, you can access: 

  • Our leading educational programs, which include online courses and events hosted by our team and suppliers 
  • A strong network of support, which included a dedicated Agent Support team plus our network of experienced agents 
  • Top commissions, incentives, and exclusive offers from suppliers 
  • Established rapport with industry organizations, leaders, and business development managers 

As a TPOC member, you’ll also receive a special discount on your KHM Travel Group membership! We have two pricing options, and for either, we’ll waive your one-time registration charge!

Monthly Membership Option

One-time registration charge: Normally $149.00 (waived)
Monthly Memberships Fee: $64.95

Total = $213.95 $64.95 at time of enrollment

Annual Membership Option

One-time registration charge: Normally $50.00 (waived)
Annual Membership Fee: $649.00

Total = $699.00 $649.00 at time of enrollment

To get started, please first complete our travel agent application. To receive your discount after your application is approved, call our membership team at 1-888-611-1220 so we can complete your enrollment. 

Diversity and inclusion

KHM Travel Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Team is comprised of a volunteer group of Corporate Team Members and our independent travel agents. Working together, we seek ways to highlight diversity and inclusion within the travel industry and within our organization. 

Learn more about our Diversity and Inclusion Efforts.

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