Spotlight on our Agent Journey Achievement Levels

Written by: Michelle on November 23, 2022

Agent Journey Map
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In this season of gratitude, KHM Travel Group would like to thank all of our travel agents across the country for choosing us as their host agency. There are several choices when you’re considering how to become a travel agent. We couldn’t be happier to assist in making so many of agents’ dreams of selling travel a reality.

One of the ways we recognize our agents all year is through our Agent Journey achievement levels. These levels include all agents and their journeys, from start to success. As agents move through each level, we help them understand where they are, what steps they can be taking to move forward, and goals for their travel business.

Below is an explanation of each level. Hear directly from agents at the Trailblazer, Navigator, Basecamp, and Pinnacle levels to learn how they operate their businesses and what motivates them.


Explorer Level includes agents who have yet to earn a commission for a booking.

As soon as you join KHM Travel Group, you’re an Explorer!

Resources at this level include booking checklists, qualifying forms, Destination 1 of our Agent Orientation, and more.


Trailblazer Level is achieved when you earn your first commission for your first booking in a calendar year.


Navigator Level is achieved when you reached $2500 in earned commission in a calendar year.


Reach Basecamp by earning $5,000 in commissions in a calendar year.


Reach Pinnacle level by earning at least $10,000 in commissions in a calendar year.

Start Your Agent Journey

Our goal is to help our agents visualize a path to reaching your goals, whether that be making your first booking or reaching the highest level of Pinnacle. If you’re interested in taking the first steps in your journey, apply to be a travel agent with KHM Travel Group.

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