Travel Upgrades Your Clients Will Love

Written by: Melissa on January 13, 2021

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How do you take a good vacation and make it great? It’s all about the upgrades!

Whether you’re planning a budget-friendly break or a luxurious getaway, travel agents know that adding a few special touches can drastically improve the overall travel experience. Which travel upgrades are worth the splurge?

First-Class Flying

No one likes spending hours twisted up like a pretzel. To start the trip off comfortably, upgrade your airline seats. First-class will get you the most luxury, of course, but premium economy seats offer additional perks at a lower price tag. You’ll enjoy extra space and legroom. Some airlines include priority boarding, increased luggage allowances, and other upgrades to the inflight experience.

Top-Notch Transfers

After a long day of flying and navigating through airports, who wouldn’t want to minimize travel time and maximize beach time? Instead of a shared-ride van or bus service—which means waiting for other travelers to board or making more stops along the way—reserve private transfers to your resort. For extra luxury, arrive in style and upgrade to a premium SUV, luxury sedan, or limousine.

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Luxury Lodging

Treating yourself to a room upgrade is a great way to take your vacation to the next level. Imagine relaxing in your own private plunge pool. You could be sipping cocktails at sunset on the balcony of your cruise cabin. Or have a butler deliver breakfast to your suite. If you can’t swing a hotel upgrade for your entire trip, switch to a premium room for a night or two at the end of your stay.

Memorable Meals

Whether or not you consider yourself a foodie, sharing an exceptional meal with someone you love is an unforgettable way to spice up your getaway. It could be a romantic dinner for two on the beach. Perhaps you prefer a multi-course tasting menu at the chef’s table. Or maybe you try a cooking class to get hands-on experience with the local flavors.

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Exciting Excursions

“Remember that time we __?” Whether you fill in the blank with a pulse-pounding zipline adventure, swimming with the stingrays, or viewing spectacular scenery from a helicopter, moments experienced together create memories that last a lifetime.

Which travel upgrades will you choose for your next vacation experience? Your professional travel advisor is happy to share tips and unique ideas for your getaway.

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