KHM Travel Gives Back to Tiny Hope Children’s Home

Written by: Guest on February 27, 2015

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One of the benefits of being a travel agent is having the opportunity to form connections with people in places all over the world. During last week’s FAM trip to Jamaica, a group of 45 KHM Travel Agents and staff visited Tiny Hope Children’s Home, a haven for local children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The agents and staff came with a busload of backpacks and suitcases, full of supplies for Tiny Hope. The donations included school supplies, personal care items, shoes, games and craft supplies.

Denise Pecci, one of the organization’s founders, welcomed the group to the orphanage and introduced Aunt Jackie, who runs the facilities. Aunt Jackie introduced the children and told each of their stories. The children who live at Tiny Hope range from toddlers to teenagers, some of whom live with either mental or physical disabilities.

Agents with Tiny Hope Kids

Agents and staff got to meet Tiny, the young girl who was Denise’s inspiration for starting the organization.

The Tiny Hope kids sang a song for the visitors, and recited several verses from the Bible. Agents and staff spent several hours getting to know the children and touring the orphanage, which is housed in an abandoned rest stop.


Staff member and agent Melissa Rice brought drawings made by her son’s class for the kids, and Amy Gomez, the friend of a KHM Travel Agent, had hand-made bracelets for each of them.

“I can’t tell you how thankful we are for the extra help,” said Denise. “It is such a blessing to Jackie and all of the kids! It’s so nice to know we don’t have to do this alone and they know they are loved!”

Tiny Hope’s mission is to supply children from disadvantaged backgrounds with security, stability and care. They strive to “heal wounds and help children prosper in faith, in school and in the community.”


The organization’s budget is very limited, so every contribution has a substantial impact on the children. One of Tiny Hope’s main priorities is renovating and expanding on their facilities to include a counseling center, chapel, and athletic center to supply the children with a well-rounded living experience. Currently the property is without electricity, running water and many other essentials.

Giving back to local institutions in need is an integral part of KHM Travel Group FAM trips, and we encourage independent travel agents and travelers to get involved with organizations like Tiny Hope. It allows us to better understand the communities of a certain location, and sheds light on the ways the travel industry can truly make a positive difference in the lives of people across the globe.

We were honored and touched to have the opportunity to visit Tiny Hope, and would like to thank Denise, Aunt Jackie, and the kids for welcoming our group so warmly. For more information and to donate, visit Tiny Hope’s website.

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