Speaking Up Against Injustice: A Letter from Rick Zimmerman

Written by: Guest on March 29, 2021

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At KHM Travel Group, our Core Values call us to always treat others with respect, honor, and dignity. Leading the efforts of this People First mindset, President and CEO Rick Zimmerman has pledged his commitment to speaking out on important issues and following those words up with actions that make a difference. Below is a message that he shared with KHM Travel Group Agents last week in response to the recent injustices faced in our country.

It is with a heavy heart that I am once again compelled to write to you concerning the incidents of racism and extremism that continue in our neighborhoods and country. The recent spate of attacks and hate crimes targeting our Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters are only the latest examples of violence, racism, racial profiling, and intolerance that exist far too often and only serve to degrade our collective lives and experience.

All of us at KHM Travel Group are dedicated to supporting our diverse network of travel agents, team members, suppliers, clients, and communities. Our Core Values, which serve as the foundation on which we have built and operate our business, direct us to strive toward and embrace the ideals of community, inclusion, dignity, respect, and overall, putting People First.  You have my commitment that KHM Travel Group will continue to speak out against injustice and that as President and CEO, I will be front and center in that effort.

We know that the work to extinguish the flame of systemic racism and implicit bias is hard. It has existed in our country since before its birth and regrettably, is frequently fanned and tended. As all of us look inward and embrace the ideals of acceptance and inclusion, let us all pray, we can finally put out the fire and create a more perfect union.

As we work toward that goal, I want to thank each of you for your efforts and support.  We know that travel can play a significant role in our efforts — that exposure to different cultures, ethnicities, and ideals, brings people together. I also thank all of our travel agents who are contributing to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. We have made progress with the guidance and recommendations of the DE&I Committee.

Finally, I ask all of you to keep your faith in our company and our country. The past year has been as challenging an environment as any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. No one has been spared some effects of the pandemic, social unrest, political division, and economic downturn. As Spring begins, I believe we are poised to rebound and rebuild. Please show patience in speaking with your neighbors, show compassion in talking with each other to find common ground, support your friends and clients, and do the hard work of helping to heal our communities. It is not often easy to reach out to those who differ with us, but if the first steps are with love and compassion, we can build a better world in which we can live and travel.

In appreciation, peace, and with much gratitude,
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