10 Quotes that Sum Up the Travel Agent Life

Written by: Michelle on January 24, 2019

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Life as a travel agent can be difficult to sum up. We think these quotes help express what running your own travel business is all about…taking care of people and exploring new places!

Google provides answers, but a travel agent takes the time to ask questions to find out what their clients really want. Through industry partnerships, firsthand experiences, and their KHM Travel Group connections, a travel agent is the best resource for answers to complicated travel questions.

Travel agents don’t just sell travel; they sell stress-free vacations created with expert knowledge and keen attention to detail. An agent’s job isn’t to just get you on a plane; it’s to plan the perfect and personalized trip for their clients.

Those who love to travel know that there is so much to see beyond their homes. It’s the goal of many travel agents to share this passion for travel and allow their clients to create lasting memories of unique experiences.

Finding joy and passion in the work they do is what propels travel agents to succeed. It’s this love for their work that drives agents to be the best that they can be. That passion is contagious, and encourages others to seek them out for travel too!

Talk to someone who has recently returned from a trip and the meaning of this quote becomes clear! Travelers and travel agents are often passionate about the experience they had with a destination, a cruise, or an attraction, and they will want to share it with you.

Exceeding a client’s expectation is a sure way to earn their trust and loyalty for future bookings. Not only does this benefit the agent’s business, but it gives them the reward and satisfaction of knowing they have excelled at their job.

Learning the ins and outs of the travel industry takes time. Travel agents become true travel experts through investing in education and taking time to do their own research. They also spend time at educational events, like Boot Camp and Destination Success, as well as FAM trips to grow their knowledge and better serve their clients.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. Sometimes things are out of your control, like severe weather or an overbooked hotel. In these moments, it’s key for travel agents to listen to what happened, stay calm, and do their best to fix the situation. No matter the outcome, an agent learns from these experiences to make sure their next client doesn’t have the same issue.

Starting your own business requires a leap of faith. There are times when the journey may be uncomfortable or challenging, but through dedication and hard work, agents reach the shores of success.

For many of our agents, being a travel agent allows them to live the life they have dreamed of. They set their own schedules and have the flexibility to be with their families while working from the comfort of their homes. They help others experience the world.

A travel agent’s life can be busy, but the passion for their work, the flexibility of running their own business, and the satisfaction that comes from their helping others make this experience so rewarding and unique.

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