ASTA Recognizes KHM Travel Agent with Advocacy Award

Written by: Michelle on September 19, 2018

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Being the kind of person who speaks out for others is not always easy. It takes time, energy, and a certain amount of courage to advocate for what they believe in. One of KHM Travel Group’s Ohio-based agents, Chris Seddelmeyer, is one such person.

The Barbara O’Hara Advocacy Award recognizes members of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) who have made the most significant contributions in advocating for the travel agency community before governmental authorities, whether local, state, or federal. At this year’s ASTA Global Convention in Washington DC, Chris was recognized with this award for her commitment to advancing ASTA’s efforts.

Chris Seddelmeyer first joined ASTA when she opened her travel agency business in 1990. She had been working at another agency that was active in ASTA, and found that ASTA’s mission resonated with her. She sought out ways to become involved in the organization and advocate for travel professionals. For the past few years, she has served as co-chair for the National Government Affairs committee within ASTA.

Her willingness to take on new challenges and her eagerness to provide guidance to those in positions of power led to this recognition. Chris jumps at the chance to attend legislative chapter meetings and national events that help the causes of the travel industry and travel agents. She has also stood before the Ohio House Ways and Means committee to support the removal of a tax on small businesses.

Chris says she was in disbelief when she heard she had won this award.

“I thought I was being called to help select a winner! It took a long time to sink in!”

She went on to say,

“It’s been a work in progress to educate and inform our members of the importance of donating to ASTAPAC. The efforts put forth on the Hill are showing how impactful ASTA is becoming! I have become passionate about the cause and worked hard to get the word out! So, to receive this award has so much meaning to me!”

The goal of Chris’s work and ASTA’s mission is to empower travel agents and all KHM Travel Group Agents are invited to get involved! Chris’s advice to agents looking to begin their ASTA journey is,

“First of all, join! Then familiarize themselves with their chapter and attend their events and meetings. Take advantage of the Verified Travel Advisor training. And become involved! This is your trade association, representing your best interests!”

You can find out more about the benefits of being an ASTA member are and how you can join this association in MyTravelAgentPortal.

Congratulations Chris! Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of the travel industry and travel agents everywhere.

KHM Travel Group works to support our agents and provide them with leading educational resources and industry connections. To find out more about becoming a travel agent with KHM Travel Group, you can fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 1-888-611-1220.

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