What Are KHM Travel Group’s Core Values?

Written by: Michelle on November 16, 2018

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KHM Travel Group began as a small team working in one office with the idea of being a host agency dedicated to helping agents achieve their dreams of selling travel. Today, we have over 50 team members who work to provide our agents with the latest technology, up-to-date resources, and education both online and at live events. As we have grown, we have developed a set of Core Values to ensure our whole team works toward our mission: “We will empower, educate, support, and promote independent travel agents.”

Our primary Core Value is People First. To us, this means affirming the value of others and treating them with respect, honor, and dignity. Whether this is in our Corporate Office, over the phone, or on live chat, we strive to approach every interaction with People First in mind. This value allows us to act in the best interest of our industry partners, travel agents, and team members. It’s the foundation for each of the other Core Values.

Loyalty means being faithful to our families, team members, the company, agents, and our communities. We strive to balance our many commitments and help our agents do the same to achieve a work-life balance.

Integrity speaks to our desire to build trust. We value the relationships we have with other team members and our agents and work hard to make certain we are honest and trustworthy as individuals and as a company. In conjunction with integrity, we value authenticity. We present ourselves in a sincere and straightforward way while remaining professional and respectful to others.

We believe in helping others achieve prosperity, both economically and personally. Then, we share our prosperity with others to embody the value of generosity. For us, generosity is not just monetary; it is investing our time, talents, and resources to help our teams and our agents. We extend our values of prosperity and generosity beyond ourselves, by acknowledging and supporting those we are tied to as a global community.

Because we work hard and we value our fellow team members, we believe in stewardship and that it is in everyone’s best interest that we practice this by using our time and resources effectively to do business. We combine stewardship with excellence to create the best products and deliver the best service, with the goal of exceeding expectations with every interaction.

To be able to accomplish our goals and meet our high standards of excellence we must work together. Teamwork is a value we strive to practice every day through positive attitudes and professionalism. We know that there are obstacles we have to overcome to provide our agents the education and support they need to thrive and successfully run their businesses. These three values help us to ensure we are able to overcome any challenges we face.

And our final value is gratitude. By approaching each day with an appreciation for the opportunities it provides, we hope to convey a sense of gratitude with us in our professional and personal lives.

Together, these Core Values guide us and help us make decisions as team members and as a company. We are proud to have these values as our foundation and a guiding source as we work with our agents, our suppliers, and those interested in joining the travel industry. You can find a full list of Core Values on KHMTravel.com.

Are you wondering if KHM Travel Group is the right host agency for you? To find out more about our resources and support, you can fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 1-888-611-1220. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about starting your travel agent career.

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