Regional Coordinator Spotlight: Linda Bohrer

Written by: Michelle on November 09, 2018

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Since joining KHM Travel Group in 2012, Linda Bohrer has shared her passion for travel and helped her clients experience the world. Her love of travel and the travel industry will certainly help her take on a new role as our new Southeast Regional Coordinator.

Linda’s love of travel began at an early age, when she’d watch the planes take off and land at the airport near where her mom worked. At one point, she even aspired to become a flight attendant.

This strong sense of wanderlust continued into adulthood. Whenever she couldn’t sleep, she’d start planning imaginary trips for her and her husband. Even now, if she has free time before a flight, she’ll people-watch and daydream about what adventures await her fellow airport patrons.

Her love of travel blossomed into helping her friends plan their trips. At the time, she owned and operated a science camp and kept busy with her four children. Although she is based in Austin, this “total soccer mom” still frequently travels around Texas to visit with her two kids at college in Dallas, and to support another child who often competes in soccer matches on the weekends in San Antonio and Houston.

She officially started her business when her oldest daughter was graduating high school. For Linda, her travel business offers a way for her to do something for herself, utilize her past business experiences, and explore her passion for travel. She loves having the chance to connect with her fellow KHM Travel Agents through Team-Ups, live events, and Facebook.

Over the past six years, Linda has seen her travel business grow and has learned the ins and outs of the travel industry. She says that her favorite part of selling travel is working with new travelers because, “they have awesome questions, and the joy I know they will experience is my inspiration to do what I love and pass the love of travel on to my friends and clients.”

We are so thrilled to have Linda join our team of Regional Coordinators. Her enthusiasm and passion for travel and for helping her fellow travel agents thrive inspires us!

Our Regional Coordinators help our agents connect with each other to build a network that supports and encourages all agents to reach their goals. Through Team Up events, Facebook groups, and live event gatherings, KHM Travel Group and our Regional Coordinators work to support our agents and their travel businesses. Current agents can find out more in the Agent Portal

As we welcome Linda as our newest Regional Coordinator, we’d also like to thank our previous Southwest Regional Coordinator Valeria Vick for her years of service. Now that Valeria and her husband Harvey’s nest is truly empty, she will pursue other interests, travel a bit more, and build her KHM Travel Group-hosted travel business.

Are you interested in joining our network of travel agents across the country? To find out more about the tools, resources, and support KHM Travel Group offers, you can fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 1.888.611.1220.

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