A Travel Agent’s Guide to Honeymoons

Written by: Michelle on February 12, 2019

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It’s engagement season! For many happy couples, planning their wedding can be time-consuming and stressful, making it even more of a challenge to find the time to plan a honeymoon. Travel agents alleviate the stress of honeymoon planning and help couples make married memories they’ll treasure together. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you will have the couple saying “I Do” to their travel itinerary.

1. Budget

Knowing your clients’ budget is important for any vacation, but honeymoons can add some complexity. Some couples opt to create a honeymoon registry for the guests attending their bridal shower or wedding. In most cases, your clients should set a budget they are comfortable paying without counting on contributions to their “Honeymoon Fund.” Then use any additional contributions to upgrade their experience. This could be by opting for a room upgrade, including services in the destination, like a massage, or planning an additional excursion.

Be sure to ask your clients how flexible their budget is. Are they determined to go right after the wedding, or would they consider traveling at a different time to avoid off-peak prices? Do they hope to include the cost of dining in their budget or is their budget for travel costs and accommodations only? This can be especially important if the couple is considering an all-inclusive resort.

2. Travel Basics

As with any clients, you will want to get to know the couple, but there a few additional questions you may want to ask honeymooners. Have they traveled as a couple before? If yes, where have they been together? Where have they traveled separately? What is important to each of them when they travel?

These questions can help you understand how each person prefers to travel. Some couples have similar travel backgrounds; others may be approaching their honeymoon from two different viewpoints.

It’s also important to understand what type of experiences the couple prefers. Perhaps they love art and culture, or maybe food is the most important part of their travel experience. They may prefer to relax on a beach, or they could prefer adventurous and active trips. Tailoring their honeymoon to their wants and interests is one way to help them have a memorable experience.

3. The Destination

When it comes to weddings and honeymoons, couples hear a lot of options from others about where to go and what to do. Some couples may have a firm idea in mind and others may be seeking out a travel agent because they are unsure. The value you bring these couples is in your expertise, whether that is deciding between two neighboring resorts or between two countries.

It’s also important to remind your honeymoon clients that much like their wedding is their special day, their honeymoon is their vacation. So, while one of the bridesmaids may have loved her honeymoon in Italy, your clients may prefer relaxing on a beach in Mexico.

4. Name Changes

With weddings often come name changes. It’s important for your clients to remember that the name on their passport must match the name on their ticket for air exactly. For example, if the bride’s passport has her maiden name but she purchased an airline ticket with her married name, she may be prevented from boarding or be required to pay a last-minute fee to change the name on her ticket.

Make sure to ask your honeymoon clients what name is currently on their passports and if they plan to change it. If they plan to change their name and receive their new passport prior to travel, you should book the ticket under their new name. If they will still be using a passport with the old name, book the ticket under their old name. Remember it takes at least 4 to 6 weeks after submitting paperwork for a new passport to be issued.

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