Experiencing Culture through Food, History, and Art

Written by: Michelle on July 08, 2020

Altstadt Von Krakau
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Though travel to Europe is on hold for the moment, we know that many agents and their clients are eager to visit its cities once again. We hope that thinking about the experiences of European travel will help agents look ahead and inspire their clients to book a future vacation. Many tour operators are now accepting European bookings for 2021 and 2022.

Travelers are compelled to explore the world because they love connecting with another culture through the food, history, and art of a place. This is especially true for travelers who want to visit Europe.

These uniquely European experiences will have your clients wanting to hop across the Pond again and again.

Dinner For Two On A Sunset Background

For the Food

Food is one of the most interactive and sensory ways to experience a destination’s culture. It’s also one of the most often talked about parts of our vacations. We connect with the aspiration to eat Neopolitan pizza in Italy, croissants in France, and fish and chips in England. Even if your clients don’t call themselves “foodies” they’ll most likely want to try some local specialties.

If you have firsthand experience with a destination, share information about some of your favorite restaurants or popular local dishes with your clients. Don’t forget to ask about favorite restaurants when you clients return home from destinations as well. You can add these to a list of recommended places to try. It might seem small, but these ideas and suggestions may make all the difference to your client’s experience in destination.

Colosseum In Rome And Morning Sun, Italy

History Inspires

Whenever Americans visit Europe, we marvel at the age of their buildings and cities. The idea that you may stay in a hotel built in the 1700s or stroll along cobblestones laid down by the Roman Empire is novel for us. The rich history of Europe is one of the reasons many of us are inspired to visit, and why we often make visiting historic landmarks and museums a priority when traveling.

As a travel agent, whenever your clients are planning a FIT trip to Europe, consider asking if they’d like to add any guided day tours or walking tours. Make recommendations for museums that fall in line with their interests. They may already have ideas for sightseeing in mind, but you can help them narrow down a long list or expand on a short one.

If your clients are planning to do an escorted tour for their European trip, narrow down the places that they would most like to visit. This can help you match the right tour for the experiences they want and decide if they will need to add a couple of days for sightseeing on their own.

Performers.stage .theater.arts .musical Culture

Appreciating the Arts

Much like history, the experiencing the arts is an important part of understanding the culture of a place. While Europe is filled with incredible works, like the Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s David, museums are only the tip of the iceberg. Architecture, music, and theater performances are among the many forms art takes.

From the renown musicals in London’s West End to the iconic architecture of the Parthenon in Athens, there is so much to explore. If your clients express an interest is seeing a show or touring a museum, share with them some possible options.

While everyone’s experiences are different, we all find ways to connect with destinations and cultures through meaningful moments. For some, that’s sipping a coffee and or trying a new dish. Others find joy in connecting with the past through history. Others strive to sink into the moment through performances and art. The role of travel agents is to help clients find their own connection.

Would you like to learn more about being a travel agent and helping people find cultural connections? KHM Travel Group can help you start and grow your own travel business. For more information, fill out the form to the right or give our team a call at 1-888-611-1220.

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