Featured Destination: Barcelona, Spain

Written by: Michelle on January 21, 2020

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Something for foodies? Check. Something for sports lovers? Check! Something for music lovers, dancers, and those inspired by art? Check, check, and check. There’s something for everyone in Barcelona, Spain.

Located on the coast of the Baleric Sea in Spain’s Catalonia region, Barcelona is a stand-out city that inspires travelers from around the globe to plan their visit. But what makes it so special and why should you go?

Dinner and Drinks

Grilled Limpets Served With Lemon Traditional Seafood On Madeira Island, Portugal

Throughout Spain, food and wine play an important role, and Barcelona is no exception. Tapas, or small plates, are a quintessentially Spanish experience. These are meant to be shared among the table and are ideal for foodies who want to sample the area’s diverse and distinct flavors. Among the local specialties are croquetas, potatoes or cheeses that are battered and fried, and jamón Ibérico, a regional style of ham.

Sangria is among the most popular drinks, especially in the summer months when temperatures rise in the city. As far as spirits go, gin is seen as an after-dinner aperitif, and there are many specialty gin bars throughout the city. Just remember, most restaurants don’t start serving dinner until 8:30, with 9:30 being a more popular time.

Barcelona Architecture City Europe

Art and Architecture

Barcelona’s art and architecture are a defining characteristic of the city. The city can credit the Art Nouveau architect Antoni Gaudí with some of its most famous art sites: the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, and Park Güell. The Sagrada Familia is the yet unfinished cathedral which is considered by many to be Gaudí’s masterpiece. Towering over the city, the cathedral’s whimsical, unique design is one of the city’s must-see landmarks.

Like Sagrada Familia, Park Güell is a favorite spot of visitors and one of the most photographed spots in the city. Walking through the intricate sculptures of the park, guests are transported to the imaginative, innovative mind of Gaudí. The park is also home to the house of the legendary architect, which he also designed.

Along with Gaudí, Barcelona is home to the works of another world-famous artist: Pablo Picasso. Museu Picasso is home to the largest collection of the artist’s work in the world. There are over 4,000 pieces in the collection, and the paintings inside are arranged in order to show the development and evolution of his style over time.

View Of Barcelona Beach

Experiencing Barcelona

Along with the stellar flavors and visuals that Barcelona has to offer visitors, there are plenty of activities to take part in. FC Barcelona is one of the most famous soccer teams in the world, and travelers have the opportunity to watch a match with fellow fans or plan a day at the stadium. The Barca Stadium offers tours and has a museum where you can get to know more about this famous team’s history.

Flamenco is one of the most recognized forms of dance in the world, and Barcelona is one of the best places to watch Flamenco performers at work. Along with dance performances, many restaurants and attractions also feature Flamenco music and traditional songs throughout the evenings.

Cozy Street In Barcelona, Spain

Travel Options

So how can you get to Barcelona? The first step is to call your travel agent! They can help you decide whether a FIT tour or tour group will better suit you. They’ll also work with you to make the most of your experience so that you can enjoy every moment in this incredible city.

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