The Top Places to Travel in 2019

Written by: Michelle on December 28, 2018

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As the new year approaches, many people set resolutions to travel. This is great news for travel agents who are eager to help new and returning clients plan their adventures. In 2019, the top destinations drawing travelers from around the globe include cosmopolitan hubs, breathtaking beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries. Read on to see why these places should be on your bucket list for 2019!


In 2018, travelers flocked to Southeast Asia and Thailand is a driving force behind this trend. The country’s lush landscapes, bustling cities, and vibrant culture call to those seeking new experiences and adventure.

Visitors to Bangkok, one of the country’s most popular cities, is known for its unique blend of the traditional and the ultra-modern. The city’s street markets and food vendors call to travelers and encourage exploring and tasting your way around. It is also home to Thailand’s largest temple, Wat Pho. This historical Buddhist temple still features a school of Thai medicine and offers traditional massage treatments. Bangkok is among the most popular Asian destinations for solo travelers as well, because of its welcoming and helpful people, and its user-friendly public transportation system.

Beyond Bangkok, Chiang Mai is worth visiting for its historic temples and palaces, remnants of its days as a capital city. Its close proximity to rainforests and elephant sanctuaries make it a highlight stop for more adventurous travelers. For those who prefer a different view, they can relax on the beach of Railay, where limestone formations rise from crystal blue waters that lap at the white sand shore.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a classic American destination, and in 2019 it will celebrate 100 years as a National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site is among the most stunning natural wonders on the planet and requires no passport to visit! For those who are looking to take a multigenerational vacation without a passport, a trip to the Grand Canyon gives everyone a chance to experience its vast beauty and spend quality time together.

This family-friendly destination is not only stunning to see, but it also offers a wealth of opportunity to explore and learn. Guided hikes, river rafting, and astronomy activities give travelers a chance to connect with nature and discover more about the world they live in. Preservation of Native American sites within the canyon and surrounding areas also offer children and adults the chance to learn about the indigenous peoples of the region.

Costa Rica

They call it the land of Pura Vida, or pure life. Located in Central America, this natural wonderland stretches about 200 miles across from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica’s thriving biodiversity is especially popular among adventure seekers, eco-tourists, and wellness travelers.

Those who prefer a relaxing stay will find the beaches inviting, while others can take advantage of the country’s interior. From waterfalls and volcanoes to rivers and rainforests, adventure awaits. Visitors can go on a nature hike through one of the many national parks or zip-line through the lush canopy. They can charge down the river rapids or snorkel beneath the waves. Animal sanctuaries give guests the chance to encounter sloths, which are one of Costa Rica’s unofficial mascots.

Costa Rica also boasts a number of a variety of all-inclusive accommodations, ranging from the very luxurious to budget-friendly resorts that are perfect for adventure-seeking families. With options to stay with familiar brands like RIU and Secrets, your clients will feel safe and well-taken care of.  Costa Rica’s rainy season usually begins in May and lasts until November, so you’ll want to help your clients plan their trip accordingly.


For those who are looking to experience Europe beyond some of its more common destinations, Poland offers a new take on the old world. Located directly east of Germany, Poland is home to an array of historical landmarks, pristine national parks, and thriving cities.

Since joining the European Union in 2004, Poland has continued to rise in popularity with tourists. Today, this country is experiencing a revitalization of its cities, melting together the classical and modern layers of its history. Warsaw’s Old Town dates to the 13th century and still stands as a monument to the time period’s architecture, though the city itself was largely rebuilt in the 20th century after much of it was destroyed in World War I and World War II.

Classical castles dot the countryside and enchant guests with their fairytale-like settings. But below the surface of Wieliczka, visitors can also see the industry of centuries past in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This mine continually provided people of the Krakow area and beyond with salt from the 13th century through 2007. Today, it houses the Krakow Saltworks Museum, which is open for tours.

Beyond the historic sites and transforming cities, Poland offers the chance for visitors to experience the European culture on a budget. Coming in at number two on Lonely Planet’s 2019 Best Value in Travel list, the destination’s high quality for a reasonable price tag makes it ideal for solo travelers and families.

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