KHM Travel Group launches ROAM Magazine for travelers

Written by: Michelle on May 26, 2020

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We are thrilled to present our new publication for travelers: ROAM Magazine. With the theme, “Envision Your Vacation” our goal for our first issue is to evoke the feelings of fun, curiosity, and adventure that come with travel.

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What is ROAM Magazine?

ROAM Magazine is our new digital magazine designed for travel agents to share with their clients. Written and designed by the KHM Travel Group team, this magazine will keep clients’ dreaming about travel and connected to their travel agent.

Why did we develop ROAM Magazine?

For more than 10 years, we have been releasing an agent-facing publication, The Compass Magazine. It’s something that our agents really look forward to twice a year and that our team is passionate about putting together.

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When COVID-19 began disrupting travel and the business of our agents, we began looking at ways to increase their touch-points with clients. We knew that almost everyone is still thinking about travel. And we know that a client-facing travel magazine would make a valuable companion piece to The Compass.

Going forward, it will allow us to reinforce the educational content in The Compass with the inspirational content in ROAM. For instance, in our latest issue of The Compass we have an article on promoting group trips. To complement it, we wrote an article for ROAM about working with a travel agent to plan a group trip.

What’s inside this issue?

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This issue is packed with tips for girls’ getaways, romantic vacations, and traveling as a group. Along with all the travel inspiration, you will find fun quizzes, tasty recipes, and ideas to keep kids engaged and learning about incredible places around the world.

How can I read it?

Issue One of ROAM Magazine is available now! Since it is a digital magazine, you can read it on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You will need internet to access the issue or download the magazine to take it on the go with you.

Click here to open the desktop version of ROAM Magazine and start reading!

Click here to open the mobile version of ROAM Magazine and start reading.

Where can I learn more about this magazine?

KHM Travel Agents can learn how to customize this magazine and share this issue with clients by visiting MyTravelAgentPortal.

We hope you enjoy our first issue! Let us know what you and your travel clients think about ROAM Magazine by leaving a comment below or reaching out to us on social media. Your feedback will help us continue to improve as we get ready for our next issue, coming this fall!

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