Success Stories

Travel Agent Business Success Stories

There are a variety of ways that our agents make our travel agent training program work for them. Some work full-time, as their main source of income; while others work fewer hours and focus on enjoying the flexibility and fun travel opportunities their part-time incomes allow. Regardless of why our agents decide to enroll or how many hours they choose to devote to their businesses, there’s an equal amount of potential for success.

Every day we hear from travel agents who, in the process of following their passion for travel, have expanded both their travel knowledge and personal incomes. We have heard about so many different travel agent experiences over the past decade…and our collection of success stories only keeps on growing!

Our Training Program

“I came from another host agency that didn’t supply much training at all, and if I called them, they talked around my questions and used industry terminology that I didn’t understand. They were so unapproachable that I never wanted to ask for help anymore and ended up getting training any place I could. Unfortunately, I would take training webinars and supplier training from anyone. I was spread out all over the place! This is only my second month with KHM Travel Group and I feel so relieved to have a direction to follow. KHM Travel Group really does seem to care–and it shows! I really would like to express my appreciation to KHM Travel Group for your help and I’m looking forward to a long, long, long association here.” – Mark Hallock, CO / Platinum Service Travel

“I am really enjoying the trainings and organizing of my business. This seems to be a great group I have chosen to be a part of. The trainings are reinforcing previous experience and business I have had.”

– Crystal Rogers, OH / Crystal and Friends Travel

“I appreciate all the time you gave me to ‘direct me’ as to how to proceed in my quest to achieve success in the travel business. I see now how important it is to specialize & not try to go too fast in the learning process.” – Ken Altizio, NY / Action Travel Planners

Successful Work at home Travel Agents


“Everyone at KHM I was able to meet or make contact with is just super amazing I am so blessed to be able to work for such wonderful people!”

– Valerie L Lenhart

“The folks at KHM are sincere in wanting to help their agents to be successful. I am very happy I chose to be affiliated with this group. When they say family, they really mean it!”
-Ching Brennan

“I loved it!! As a new travel agent to the industry I found Destination Success absolutely invaluable!! The KHM staff is awesome and the suppliers that were there were fantastic!! Not to mention the great food and the Friday evening entertainment was wonderful!! Thank you!!
-Christine Cook

Our Travel Agent Support Staff

“You guys are all great! I really enjoyed meeting everyone and your friendliness and hospitality was fantastic.” – Rick Mazzotti, IL / Mazzotti Travel

“I’ve been with KHM Travel Group for almost 2 years. Love the support, encouragement and knowledge that comes from the staff! Great people to work with.” – Rochelle Ward, IN / JaRWard Travel Co.

“KHM Travel Group is the best I could find because of all the support you get and everything is laid out to be easily understood and if you have a question, they are always there to help.” – Barry Chambers, NC / See U Go Travel

“David was fantastic to work with today and saved me tons of time. Truly professional. If he is an indication of the support you are talking about, I’m truly impressed.” – Thomas Leahy, TX / Steamer Trunk Travel

“I’m in California on Pacific time and I find that even in my evening hours you guys are still available here, which is great for me. So I’ve been very happy with that.” – Irene Yusim, CA / iTravel

“We have the best support staff at KHM Travel Group and here on Facebook. This is one company that really and truly is a top-notch hosting company. Thanks for all the help you guys have given to me with several of my bookings! Brianna, the best thanks for putting up with my calls to you and my live chat. Shannon, I have to give a shout out to you too for your help in my Booking Manager.” – Ken Garzzillo, NY / Garzmax

“If you are going to sell travel, KHM Travel Group is really the only way to go, trust me on this… KHM Travel Group will offer you great support and many vendors will teach you how to sell their product. But this is sales and it takes devotion and hard work. KHM Travel Group will give you everything but their feet to do the work and your networking opportunities are endless…” – Jim Rich, DC / Jim Rich Travel

“Great customer service! Timely response…I love the team. They have been there every step of the way! Kudos!” – Daphany Kelly, TN / Kelly’s Travel Company

successful work from home travel agents

Making Money

“Great company with great support. Commission rates are great too. Keep in mind, this company makes you more of a real travel agent vs. a lot of the web-based travel agencies.” – Chris Light, FL / Lightster Travel

“I spent almost a month researching and talking to different companies because I was concerned about so many scams. I found KHM Travel Group to be the best paying in commissions and one of the lowest as far as start up.”

– Judy Medina, UT / Medina Travel

“They are not a company that is going to just issue an ID card and tell you to go sell travel… There is a very strong focus on providing education and product knowledge… The office support for home based agents is great. They have always been willing to answer questions and provide guidance. They are very interested in making sure that you succeed as an agent. (Also, I looked in to other companies, and KHM Travel Group had one of the best commission structures that I found as well.)” – Melissa Rice, OH / Silver Slippers Travel

Being a New Agent

“I just joined KHM Travel Group and the training and agent support is outstanding! Happy to be part of the team!” – Virgus Durrette, FL / Unity Travel LLC

“I have been swamped lately with new leads coming in daily! Hope I can keep up. I am just going by my prospect list of people I know and they know! I would be lost without KHM Travel Group support!” – Jane Hansen, SD / Amazing Journeys

“Got my first confirmed, paid booking yesterday-2 couples traveling together to Couples Swept Away. I have several irons in the fire now including verbal confirmations for Universal Orlando and Las Vegas. I just started with KHM Travel Group. It has been a whirlwind of info, training, research, marketing, website building, mentoring, and even one-on-one training in Atlanta. Thank you all at KHM Travel Group for your support and for assisting me in building my new business so quickly.” – Rick Venable, GA / Venable Travel Company

“I want to thank you personally for all the emails I received from you when I first thought about becoming a Travel Agent. I do see why you say the more time you put into it the more you will see come from it. Once again thank you…I hope one day I can make this my only job and traveling as many of our customers/clients do.” – April Jennings, IL / Imani Travels

“I want to tell you how pleased I am with your Host Agency. It’s such a COMPLETE package. I was able to write a couple of nice trips already just in my first 2 weeks with KHM Travel Group. I’m still working my way through the “portal pages,” but each day I become more and more excited about the opportunity here. Thanks for your support in helping me make my decision to join KHM Travel Group.” – Mark Hallock, CO / Platinum Service Travel

What Makes KHM Travel Group Different

“Just wanted to congratulate KHM Travel Group on the Agent-Only Facebook page. There is a wealth of information and knowledge on that page. New agents such as myself can learn so much from these professional peers.” – Jim Andreas, NV / Incredible Travel

“They’ve outlined everything in this portal for you. I mean, it’s great. It’s easy for me and I think it’d be easy for anybody who wanted to do it.” – Dale Calloway, TX / Circle Sea Travel

“I really can’t express how thankful I am to have found KHM Travel Group and to be a part of such a wonderful ‘family.'” – Wil Monroe, VA / Monroe Travel