5 Things You Didn’t Know About Royal Caribbean International

Written by: Guest on August 13, 2015

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If you are new to cruising, you might wonder exactly what separates one cruise from another. Maybe you are familiar with Royal Caribbean International, but then again, there’s always something new coming from this game-changing cruise line.

Here are five facts you might not know about Royal Caribbean that will wow you, or at the very least, impress your cruise clients!

1. Royal Caribbean is setting — and breaking — travel industry records.


If cruise ships are miniature cities at sea, then Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class ships are floating metropolitan wonderlands, with technology unlike any other you’ll find at sea. It’s fleet of ships also includes the three largest vessels in the world: Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, and Quantum of the Seas. The third Oasis-class vessel, Harmony of the Seas, is set to debut Spring 2016 and will eclipse all of its sister ships in terms of size and passenger capacity.

2. You can soak up ocean views from 300 feet above the ship.


Soar to new heights with Royal Caribbean’s North Star, a feature found on Quantum-class ships. A ride inside this capsule takes passengers 300 feet up in the air for 360° ocean and ship views.

3. There are Tony-award winning musicals performed on board.


Only on Royal Caribbean can guests enjoy performances of Tony-award winning shows. Sing and dance along to popular musicals like Mama Mia!, Saturday Night Fever, and Cats on select ships.

4. You can cruise back in time.

Royal Caribbean Oasis party

Ok, maybe Royal Caribbean hasn’t quite figured out time travel yet. But they have figured out that cruisers love stepping back in time for a night of ‘70s or ‘80s-themed fun! On Oasis-class ships, guests might even find themselves invited to a Prohibition Party featuring live jazz, dancing and classic cocktails from the days when alcohol was banned in the U.S.

5. You’ll encounter robots on board.

Royal Caribbean Bionic Bar

Dazzling entertainment and world-class technology work in harmony with Royal Caribbean’s Two70 venue. Cutting-edge performances include six screens, each seven feet high, that move independently with robotic arms. They even dance along with the live performers! The Roboscreen technology involved in Two70’s Roboshow is second only to the complexity of the robotic project in the Mars rovers.

Overwhelmed yet? The robotic bartenders on board Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas will happily mix you a cocktail to take the edge off.

It’s true that not all cruise lines are created equal, and when it comes to innovation, Royal Caribbean is ahead of the pack. If you’re a cruiser that is looking for onboard experiences unlike any other, a voyage with Royal Caribbean will not disappoint!

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