KHM Travel Group’s Regions and Regional Coordinators

Written by: Michelle on July 19, 2019

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As a host travel agency, we know the power and confidence that comes when travel agents can connect and support one another. Though working from home provides many benefits, having another professional to share thoughts with helps agents to find the best solution for their clients. With our regions and their respective Regional Coordinators, our agents have a space to do so.

Why are the KHM Travel Group Regions important?

The U.S. is a big place, and there can be major differences between how travel agents do business based on where they live. For example, an agent in Georgia may sell more vacations to Jamaica than an agent in Arizona. An agent in Arizona may sell more vacations to Cabo San Lucas than the agent in Georgia.

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These trends affect which travel suppliers agents use most and which destinations they will need to know the most about. Within their regions, agents can share travel industry information, destination resources, and share marketing strategies that have worked for them. Regions also provide a way for agents to support each other when challenges arise and celebrate one another’s successes.

How do agents connect with others in their region?

Agents have a couple of ways that they can connect with others in their region. Each region has their own private Facebook Group for online conversations. This can help agents get to know each other and swap ideas, even while they are working from home. Agents often help one another find destination information and discuss the pros and cons of suppliers with one another to make sure they are presenting their clients with up to date information.

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KHM Travel Agents can also connect in person at Team-Ups. These casual meetings allow agents to connect either in person or virtually. In-person events will sometimes feature a guest, such as a travel supplier BDM. The benefit of virtual Teams-Ups is that more agents can attend and they can be held in the local time zone, so that they are convenient, whereas scheduled webinars may not be. Both forms of Team-Ups invite agents to share ideas and grow their travel agent network

What do Regional Coordinators do?

Each region is led by a Regional Coordinator, who is an active KHM Travel Agent with years of experience running their travel business. Each Regional Coordinator brings their personal experience to the role as they encourage agents in their region. Region Coordinators promote networking among agents, foster a sense of community, and share information about local industry events, ship inspections, and tours.

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They also oversee their region’s private Facebook group where they share content to motivate agents and share their personal insights about running a travel business. Our Regional Coordinators have a direct line to the KHM Travel Group Corporate Office, ensuring that they are always up-to-date on KHM Travel Group news and can share it. They also coordinate our local Team-Ups to help agents connect in-person and meet our supplier business development managers (BDMs) in person when possible. If you are a KHM Travel Agent, you can find out more about our Regions and Regional Coordinators in MyTravelAgentPortal.

Our Regions and Regional Coordinators are just one of the ways KHM Travel Group helps our agents connect with the people and events that can help their businesses thrive. To learn more about the resources KHM Travel Group provides for our agents and how you can become a travel agent, fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 1-888-611.1220.

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