Core Values: Generosity

Written by: Michelle on November 03, 2020

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What does generosity mean? How does it come into play as a Core Value?

Throughout our Core Values video series, we’ve asked our team members what comes to mind when they hear or read each of these ideas. We also ask them how they put these values into action as a member of the KHM Travel Group team, in their daily life, and as members of our global community.

Generosity takes many forms. Hear what Generosity means to our team, both individually and as a whole, in the video below.

At KHM Travel Group, generosity reminds us to always go the extra mile in everything we do. It creates a culture full of support and compassion. We strive to be generous with our team members, independent travel agents, and our community with every interaction we make. We hope that we leave the world a little better than we found it.

For us, it not just about giving money to causes that need support or donating around the holidays. While we do these things, Generosity is also about supporting each other by giving our time and energy. It’s taking on a take or helping with a problem when we see someone struggling. Generosity calls us to be a system of support for our fellow team members, our community, our agents, and the travel industry as a whole.

Thank you so much to our team members for sharing their thoughts in our video and living out our Core Values to the fullest!

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