Core Values: Stewardship

Written by: Michelle on September 17, 2020

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As the travel industry continues to move toward recovery, it’s more important than ever for companies like ours to operate by a set of Core Values. Among our thirteen Core Values is Stewardship.

Stewardship isn’t a word that many of us encounter in our daily lives. We define it as wisely utilize our resources for the benefit of our company, team members, independent agents, and community.

We believe the most valuable resource we have at KHM Travel Group is our incredible team. How we interact with and support each other is one of the many ways we practice Stewardship. But it is not the only way we put this Core Value into practice.

Hear how our team goes about living this Core Value in the latest video in our Core Value series. Click below to watch the video!

As our team members said, we take the time to think about not only what benefits our team and our agent int the moment. In every decision we make, we ask yourselves: how is this going to benefit our company, team members, independent agents, and community, not just today, but long into the future?

With Rick Zimmerman leading us to think about the future, we are confident in our company and the lasting power the KHM Travel Group has. Together, we will weather the challenges and find ourselves stronger and better for it on the other side.

Hear more about our Core Values in our YouTube series! Visit the KHM Travel Group YouTube channel to watch them all!

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